You could get your $1,400 stimulus check in three weeks after House passes $1.9TRILLION relief package
1st March 2021

YOUR stimulus check for $1,400 could be coming in three weeks as President Joe Biden's $1.9trillion Covid relief bill has passed the House.

Although Democrats are aiming to pass the final bill before March 14, there are a few points in the package that might delay the process, pushing back the $1,400 stimulus check for weeks.

One of them is the federal minimum wage $15 hike, that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi vowed to keep in the next Covid relief package despite a Senate ruling to remove it.

"The ruling from the Senate parliamentarian is disappointment because raising the minimum wage would give nearly 27 million Americans a well-deserved raise and pull nearly one million Americans out of poverty in the middle of a once-in-a-century devastating pandemic and economic crisis," the statement says.

Senate parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough ruled last week that the measure could not be included in the bill.

In the case the bill passes as projected, the third stimulus check could be arriving during tax season which would result in complications.

Meanwhile, the IRS is hoping to create a formula to calculate how much of the maximum $1,400 each American will receive.

The formula would rely on adjusted gross income (AGI) would be based on a number of factors.

Those who earn up to $75,000 a year and couples who earn up to $150,000 a year would be eligible for the full payments of $1,400 or $2,800 respectively.

Payments would decline for people who earn more than those limits, and would completely phase out for individuals who earn more than $100,000 or couples who earn more than $200,000.

It comes as Arizona Republican representative Paul Gosar has submitted a last-minute amendment to the package, calling for the government to give $10,000 stimulus checks to all Americans.

He told Fox News: “I offered an amendment to prioritize $10,000 stimulus checks to Americans most affected by COVID-19 and lockdowns. 

“Instead, Democrats chose foreign aid, Big Tech transit, and Pelosi’s political priorities over direct relief to American citizens.”

After the first round of stimulus checks that was approved in March 2020, it took IRS two weeks to start sending checks.

For the second round that was approved in December, checks were sent after about a week.

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