Winnipeg-based pot product pulled from Manitoba shelves
21st December 2018

A Winnipeg-based cannabis brand’s products will be pulled from all Manitoba stores during a Health Canada investigation.

The Liquor, Gaming and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba (LGCA) and Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries Corporation (MBLL) announced Thursday that the sale and distribution of all Bonify products in the province have been suspended.

All Bonify products at local retail stores will be seized by LGCA, and consumers are encouraged to return Bonify cannabis products – in the original packaging – to the store they bought them from.

Orders from Bonify’s website are currently on hold.

Health Canada’s concern is reportedly over quality control issues with Bonify’s products.

Bonify tweeted Thursday that the irregularities were discovered as part of a thorough review by Health Canada and a third-party consultant.

Premier Brian Pallister said the Manitoba government acted quickly to seize all products in stock, but voiced concern with the way Health Canada handled its communication.

“We came into possession of this information courtesy of the company itself, not from Health Canada,” Premier Brian Pallister said Thursday. “That is totally unacceptable.”

Pallister said the federal government had known about the issue for a week and a half without notifying his office. He said the government can’t protect cannabis users if the federal government doesn’t communicate.

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