Who are Rudy Giuliani’s ex-wives?
6th November 2020

RUDY Giuliani has been married three times and has two children.

The former mayor of New York City is Donald Trump's lawyer.

Who are Rudy Giuliani’s ex wives?

Brooklyn-born attorney Rudy Giuliani, 76, was elected mayor of New York City in 1993, staying in office for two terms.

The thrice-married Giuliani is currently Donald Trump's lawyer.

In 1968 Giuliani married his first wife Regina Peruggi, then a drug abuse counselor at a New York state jail.

In 1982, the couple divorced upon learning that they were second cousins.

He married Donna Hanover, a television journalist, and had two children with her after his divorce from Peruggi.

Hanover was Giuliani's wife during his stint as mayor of New York, although during this period, rumors swirled that he had cheated on her. In 2000, Giuliani held a surprise press conference to announce the two were separating.

Giuliani's third ex-wife Judith Nathan has been the most vocal about her relationship with Trump's "bulldog." The pair were married for 16 years and faced a variety of ups and downs with cancer, a failed presidential bid, 9/11, and cheating scandals.

The pair filed for divorce in 2018 and were embroiled in a series of public asset battles.

Upon their divorce, Nathan told New York Magazine that "the man that he is now is absolutely not the man that he was when I married him."

Is he married now?

Giuliani is currently not married, although rumors have speculated that he may be dating the woman he allegedly cheated on his third wife with.

In September 2019, Giuliani showed up to a White House dinner with Dr. Maria Ryan who was named in court documents filed by Giuliani's last wife when she divorced him.

He has described Ryan, who has has attended events with in the past, as a "very fine woman."

In June last year, Giuliani insisted and Ryan were just "friends," but Nathan insists the two were having an affair throughout their marriage. 

Does he have children?

Giuliani has two children.

Harvard University-educated Caroline Giuliani, 31, is one of her dad's biggest critics.

Caroline describes herself on her Twitter bio as a "director, actor, writer, weirdo" and "liberal, obviously."

She's the youngest of Giuliani's two children – her brother, Andrew, 34, has worked as public liaison to President Trump for several years at the White House.

Caroline says of herself in an explosive Vanity Fair essay: "I’ve spent a lifetime forging an identity in the arts separate from my last name, so publicly declaring myself as a 'Giuliani' feels counterintuitive.

"I had an extremely privileged childhood and am grateful for everything I was given, including real-world lessons and complicated experiences."

Like many daughters, she and her dad have argued ever since she was a young girl.

They have long "butted heads" – particularly over LGBTQ+ rights.

What has he said about the election?

Giuliani, along with several other members of Trump's team, have claimed the 2020 presidential election is rigged.

During the press conference on November 4, the president's son Eric Trump accused Democrats of trying to cheat in Pennsylvania, a swing state that has yet to declare their Electoral College votes.

"Do you think we're stupid? Do you think we're fools?" Giuliani asked.

He declared that he would travel to Pennsylvania with a legal team to challenge election results.

"En route to Philadelphia with legal team. Massive cheating," he tweeted. "@realDonaldTrump up by 550,000 with 75% counted. Will not let Philly Democrat hacks steal it!"

Was he in Borat?

UK comedian Sacha Baron Cohen has a new movie – Borat Subsequent Moviefilm.

The clueless fictional Kazakh journalist is still as brazenly sexist, anti-Semitic and crude in the 2020 sequel to the hit 2006 mockumentary.

Aside from targeting rapper Kanye West, the late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump, there's also the now infamous prank hotel scene with Rudy Giuliani.

The cringeworthy video clip shows a relaxed-looking Giuliani, 76, in a hotel room with a young woman – Maria Bakalova – acting as a television journalist.

The scene, shot in a New York hotel room in July, includes a moment when Giuliani is seen lying on a bed, tucking in his shirt with his hand down his pants and the woman nearby.

Giuliani went to the hotel room thinking he was being interviewed about the Trump administration’s Covid-19 response.

The woman is flirtatious with him and invites him to the bedroom, which is rigged with hidden cameras.

The former Mayor of New York City then asks for her phone number and address.

He lies back on the bed to tuck in his shirt after she helps remove his recording equipment.

Giuliani has his hands in his pants when Baron Cohen rushes in wearing an outlandish outfit.

Baron Cohen, who was disguised as part of the crew, screams that the young woman is 15 years old, “the oldest unmarried woman in Kazakhstan."

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