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8th December 2022

A COUPLE were left furious after they made a disgusting discovery in their Airbnb – and all they got was a measly £13 refund.

Chloe and Matt's mini break in Melbourne already got off to a bad start when they turned up to find their apartment was filthy.

The pair, from Queensland, Australia, initially decided to ignore the lack of cleanliness so they could enjoy their romantic getaway.

After checking in on December 30, they began to adjust to living in the apartment and could overlook the uncleanliness.

But the Aussies were left horrified when Matt stepped out of the shower and noticed a peculiar object sitting on a pile of dust.

Upon further inspection of the debris, he realised it actually appeared to be a crack pipe.


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The stunned guest told news.com.au: " I noticed what looked a bit like a straw on top of the shower cabinet and was curious so went to see what it was.

"I picked up a crack pipe. There was definitely residue left inside it."

The couple said they felt extremely "unclean" after making the grim find and suspected the apartment had not been cleaned.

"At least you know a hotel has been cleaned by room service," Matt continued.

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"Whereas with this, it was like someone else had just left. It definitely didn’t seem like it had been cleaned."

The duo were then dealt another blow after they tried to raise their concerns about the property with Airbnb.

The rental company told the customers they could only help them with their cleanliness complaint because more than 72 hours had gone by since the start of their stay.

But Matt says their response just "doesn't seem right" as they didn't even offer the pair an apology.

"The holiday was great, just the Airbnb kind of dampened things."

Despite the loved-up couple paying a total of £825 for their accommodation, Airbnb said they could only refund them 10 per cent of their first night – which worked out at a pathetic £13.

Chloe and Matt then decided to contact their hosts directly about the drug paraphernalia lurking in their bathroom.

The couple said they also found a filthy air conditioner and broken dryer in the property.

But the hosts nonchalantly responded: "Thank you for letting us know. We will go and dispose of it."

The Aussies were infuriated by the lack of response from both Airbnb and the owner of the home and said they should "do better".

Matt fumed: "It’s turned me off from ever using Airbnb again, because of the customer service and the approach they took with the apartment."

A spokeswoman for Airbnb said: "We have zero tolerance for this type of behaviour and have taken appropriate action on the Host.

"We recognise the distress this must have caused on the guest, and have reached out to apologise and issue a full refund.

"While issues on Airbnb are rare, our global Community Support team is available 24/7 and we take action on issues brought to our attention.

"The safety of our community is one of our top priorities and we continue to enforce strict policies and community standards on Airbnb."

The home rental company is understood to have issued a full refund to Chloe and Matt in wake of their outrage.

They were also offered a travel coupon towards a future stay, while taking action against the host of the Melbourne home.

We previously told how a family of 12 were left stranded on the side of the road when they discovered the Airbnb they booked was a construction site.

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