Watch as King's Guard shouts 'get off'!' at tourist
6th February 2023

Watch as King’s Guard shouts ‘get off’!’ at tourist as she twice tries to grab horse’s reins to pose for a photo

  • A young woman wearing a white coat bravely tries to grab the horse’s reins
  • The angry soldier had to shout ‘Get off!’ twice to deter the tourist  
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This furious member of the King’s Guard was not very happy with a tourist who twice tried to grab his horse’s reins.

The woman wearing a white coat, navy skirt and black boots can be seen smiling and happy as she tries to pose for a picture.

Looking towards whoever is taking the photo, she then makes her first attempt to hold on to the horse’s reins. 

This prompts an angry response from the soldier in red who screams: ‘Get off the reins!’, startling the young woman.

The brave tourist makes her first attempt to grab the horse’s reins 

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The roar is enough to send away another woman wearing a black fur coat who was stood next to the young tourist.

However, for the brave soul who originally tried grabbing the horse’s reins, she then makes another attempt.  

Amazed, the soldier turns his head for a second time and shouts even louder: ‘Get off!’

The second warning proved to be enough to scare off the fearless tourist who swiftly dashes off to the side.

The incandescent soldier screams at the young woman: ‘Get off the reins!’

Frightened, but not deterred, the young woman would then make another attempt to grab the horse’s reins for her photo

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