Was there a police-involved shooting in Columbus, Ohio?
21st April 2021

POLICE were dispatched to the southeast side of Ohio after receiving a call regarding an attempted stabbing in a home.

A victim passed away after being taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition, according to the WSYX.

Was there a police-involved shooting in Columbus, Ohio?

Police arrived at a home on the 3100 block of Legion Lane at about 3:45pm after receiving a call that a woman was attempting to stab someone.

Officers reportedly arrived at the scene and were involved in a shootout, striking a 15-year-old black girl named Makiah Bryant.

The shooting occurred just before Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all counts in the death of George Floyd.

The Columbus Police Department did not respond to The Sun to confirm details on the victim.

According to Bryant’s aunt, who spoke to the Columbus Dispatch, Bryant reportedly lived in a foster home there on Legion Lane and got into an altercation with someone else.

She claims that the teenager dropped the knife prior to being shot by police.

What did authorities say about the shootout?

The shootout is currently being investigated by authorities.

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther said in a series of tweets that details are not all known at this time, but cops were wearing body-cameras.

"This afternoon a young woman tragically lost her life. We do not know all of the details," Ginther said in a tweet.

"There is body-worn camera footage of the incident. We are working to review it as soon as possible. BCI is on the scene conducting an independent investigation . . .

"— as they do with all CPD-involved shootings," he continued in a separate tweet.

"We will share information that we can as soon as it becomes available.

"I’m asking for residents to remain calm and allow BCI to gather the facts."

A mob of angry protesters gathered around the area demanding answers regarding the shooting.

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