Wanted man arrested after car rams Prince Albert police vehicle
31st December 2018

A man, who was wanted on a Canada-wide warrant, was found and arrested by police in Prince Albert, Sask.

Prince Albert police announced on Dec. 5 they were searching for William Henderson, 31, for being unlawfully at large and breach of stat release.


Prince Albert police dog Daxa retiring

Henderson was located by officers in the 200-block of 10th Street East at roughly 1 p.m. CT on Dec. 27. Police said he was carrying a black bag and entered a car.

The car was followed for a short distance before it was blocked in by several police vehicles on 2nd Avenue East.

Officers said Henderson attempted to escape by backing into a police vehicle. Police broke the driver’s side window with a baton and then arrested him.

A 24-year-old Prince Albert woman, who was a passenger, was also taken into custody.

Officers said they found the black duffel bag in the car which contained a .22-calibre rifle, 29 rounds of ammunition, and three shotgun shells.

Both are charged with numerous firearm-related charges.

Henderson, from Saskatoon, is also facing charges of assaulting an officer and resisting arrest.

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