UK weather forecast – Flood warning as thunderstorms to dump a MONTH'S rain in a few hours today
3rd July 2021

THUNDERSTORMS are due to dump a MONTH’S rain in just a few hours today with flood alerts issued across huge swathes of the country.

Areas of the south west England could see as much as 80mm of rainfall today as the region was issued with a yellow heavy rain warning.

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And parts of central and southern England are expected to be lashed with rain, thunder, lightning, and even hailstones this afternoon.

In central and southeastern areas of the country, up to 40mm of rain – nearly a month's worth of rain for the region – could fall in the space just a few hours.

A yellow thunderstorm warning today covers most of central, south east and north England alongside parts of north Wales and the south of Scotland. 

The summer storms were sparked by an area of low pressure drifting towards the UK with heavy showers expected to last into next week. 

While heavy showers are expected across the country, it will be hard to tell which of areas will be the worst hit. 

A Met Office spokesperson said: “Thunderstorms are a real pickle. 

“The very nature of where the heaviest ones could develop, it could be anywhere. 

“Even outside of the warning area you couldn’t rule out some heavy showers, but within the area you’ve got the greatest chance of the heaviest rain, frequent lightning and hail.” 

Brits were seen battling a deluge of rain across the country today.

One shopper in Preston, Lancashire, took refuge under a plastic shopping bag. 

At Wimbledon, tennis play stopped due to the rain as spectators huddled under plastic macs and umbrellas. 

The heaviest rainfall is expected in parts of Cornwall, Devon and Somerset where up to 80 mm of rain – the average monthly rainfall for the area – could fall over a period of eight hours. 

A yellow rain warning has been issued for the region, with the possibility of flooding, transport disruptions and flooding across the coming days. 

A Met Office spokesperson said: “Heavy rain is likely to cause some localised flooding.

“Buildings could get damaged and there could be some transport issues. 

“Roads may get flooded causing delays and cancellation to public transport. 

“There could even be some power cuts and with the risk of flooding some communities could get cut off as well. 

“It is something to be aware of if you’re in those areas that the heavy rain could cause more issues. 

The soggy summer weather is expected to push into next week with further heavy showers due tomorrow and on Sunday. 

Yellow thunderstorm warnings are in place across central and northern parts of England tomorrow as well as parts of Northern Ireland and southern Scotland. 

And while the south may enjoy slightly drier weather during the day on Monday, heavier showers could arrive in the night. 

The spokesperson added: “On Sunday we’re going to see heavy thundery showers across most parts of the UK but the greatest risk will be across northern areas. 

“There’s the risk of showers continuing in the north of Monday. 

“In the south it could be drier for a time before some heavy rain pushes in from the south west and this could bring strong winds with it too.

“So a really wet and windy period as we go into Monday night into the early hours of Tuesday. 

"Tuesday will be unsettled, continuing the risk of heavy showers, but it could get a little bit drier as we go towards the end of the week.” 

During a thunderstorm, the Met Office advises households unplug any non-essential appliances and that you seek shelter if possible. 

If you are outside, avoid water and find a low-lying open place that is a safe distance away from trees, poles or metal objects.

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