UK weather forecast – Britain braced for new 'Beast from the East' as Met Office warns of snow and icy blast
28th December 2018

The Met Office says a phenomenon called a Sudden Stratospheric Warming might cause chilling winds to sweep in from the East triggering a cold snap like the record-breaker earlier this year.

Recent mild temperatures are set to plummet next week to more familiar wintry weather.

Meanwhile, a sudden warming in the atmosphere over the North Pole could bring dramatic effects to the UK in the coming weeks.

Met Office spokesperson Nicola Maxey told The Sun Online: "Sudden Stratospheric Warming is an event that happens high up in the atmosphere and that is on the way at the moment.

"The effects won't be felt for at least two weeks so we are looking at mid-to-late January.

"It is a little bit early to say what that impact will be on the UK, but it can lead to events like what was termed the Beast from the East."

Nicola explained the drastic cooling takes place in Britain as freezing winds from the East blow in from the continent in place of our usual mild air from the West due to high pressure over the Atlantic.

She added: "Weather from the Atlantic can be stopped from coming into the UK like we normally get in winter.

"But potentially we could see some colder weather — it really is dependent on where that high pressure builds."

And before any deep freeze, snow could begin falling in the UK as early as Thursday or Friday next week.

Our current mild air will subside as temperatures continue to fall to more typical levels for this time of year.

Nicola said: "Towards the end of the week if we are to see any wintry precipitation it will be on the North East coast and the East of Scotland."

This weekend, a cold front moving southwards across the UK and will bring patchy cloud to the skies over the country.

And although brighter spells are expected, it will be a changing day for many throughout Saturday as temperatures of around 12C will persist from London to Leeds.

But Sunday will bring patches of rain and drizzle, particularly in the West.

There will also be rain in the North of Scotland as brighter spells and gusty winds blow through the North of England.

And the unseasonably warm highs of low double-figure temperatures will continue on Sunday.


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