UK Foreign Sec James Cleverly forced to FLEE Hamas rocket barrage – as Israeli war cabinet prepares for march into Gaza | The Sun
11th October 2023

THE UK's Foreign Secretary was forced to run for cover as Hamas fighters launched a barrage of rockets in southern Israel.

Footage shows a group of people, including James Cleverly, dashing for shelter as air sirens blared in Ofakim.

Cleverly can be seen in a white shirt running towards the entrance of a building in the town close to the Gaza border.

A siren, which the ministry said warned of incoming Hamas rocket fire, can be heard in the background.

"Today I've seen a glimpse of what millions experience every day. The threat of Hamas rockets lingers over every Israeli man, woman and child," Cleverly said on social media.

"This is why we are standing shoulder to shoulder with Israel."

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Fourth Brit confirmed dead after Israel terror bloodbath with 13 more missing


Gaza in BLACKOUT as fuel runs out before invasion to raze 'Nest of Terror'

The Foreign Secretary had arrived in the country this morning to show the UK's "unwavering solidarity" for Israeli people following Hamas's terrorist attacks.

"He will be meeting survivors of the attacks and senior Israeli leaders to outline UK support for Israel's right to defend itself," a spokesperson said.

More than 2,000 people have been killed since the Palestinian militants staged a surprise three-pronged assault by land, air and sea on Israel on Saturday.

It was the deadliest attack in Israel's 75-year history as gunmen rampaged through Israeli towns and a music festival, killing more over a thousand and taking scores of hostages to Gaza.

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Gaza in BLACKOUT as fuel runs out before invasion to raze ‘Nest of Terror’

And as the bloody conflict enters its fifth day, the terrorists have continued on their rampage of terror, which included the slaughter of 40 babies and kids.

Amid the chaos, a Lebanese terror group has now begun bombarding northern Israel with a large number of hostile aircraft, the IDF claims.

Israeli citizens have been urged to take shelter amid fears of a "large-scale attack" and a possible second front opening in the war.

It is not known which type of aircraft are involved or exactly who is responsible.

But there were unconfirmed reports of up to 20 drones and a number of paragliders crossing the border this evening.

Meanwhile, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and opposition leader Benny Gantz have created a wartime Cabinet overseeing the revenge assault as the country prepares for an all-out ground offensive into Gaza.

Israel's military has insisted hundreds of troops massed near the Gaza border are "ready to execute the mission we have been given".

The nation at war has vowed to raze the Gaza Strip to the ground as dozens of fighter jets continue to hammer neighbourhood after neighbourhood in Gaza City.

In just one hour this morning, Israel reportedly unleashed 250 airstrikes on the enclave they call the "Nest of Terror" used by Hamas militants to launch attacks against Israel.

Gaza's health ministry stated that 1,055 people have been killed, 5,184 injured and 250,000 homeless.

It comes as…

  • Israeli troops are massing on the border with Gaza ready to 'execute' as 300,000 ready for a ground invasion
  • Horrific details continue to emerge after Hamas terrorists' mass slaughter of Israeli civilians over the weekend
  • Babies and young children were reportedly slain, with some beheaded, in the kibbutz of Kfar Aza
  • 1,200 people have been killed in Israel – while the death toll in Gaza hit 1,055
  • At least 17 Brits are feared to be either dead or missing across Israel and Gaza
  • Strikes on Gaza continue – with reports of rockets also being fired into Israel from Lebanon and Syria
  • Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu dubbed Hamas 'worse than ISIS' in a phone call with US President Joe Biden
  • Families are still desperately waiting for news on hostages captured by Hamas – including tattoo artist Shani Louk
  • Netanyahu has formed an emergency government with opposition leader

And Gaza – which has a population of 2.3 million – is only hours away from plunging into a blackout as its sole power plant has dried up, leaving only generators to power the territory.

Earlier today, energy supplies at hospitals had already started to rapidly dwindle – leaving doctors unable to use surgical equipment.

Health officials say the lives of hundreds of children are now at risk as electricity supplies diminish.

Israel has halted fuel, food and medicine entering the blockaded territory in revenge for Hamas's bloody massacre.

The Israeli military said more than 1,200 people, including 155 soldiers, have been killed in Israel since Hamas terrorists stormed across the border and killed hundreds in a bloody massacre.

It comes as an Israeli lawmaker urged her government to consider using nuclear weapons in their offensive against the terror group.

Parliament member Revital "Tally" Gotliv posted on X on Monday: "Jericho missile! Jericho missile! A strategic alert, before we consider introducing our forces. A doomsday weapon!

"This is my opinion. May God preserve all our strength." 

In a separate post the following day the lawmaker said that Israel needs to be merciless against the Hamas.

Meanwhile, British Airways has suspended all flights in and out of Israel due to safety concerns after one of its planes was diverted back to London.

In a statement, British Airways said: "Safety is always our highest priority and following the latest assessment of the situation we're suspending our flights to and from Tel Aviv.

"We continue to monitor the situation in the region closely."

Four British citizens have now been confirmed dead so far, while a further 13 – including children – are feared missing or killed.

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The "heartbroken" family of Londoner Jake Marlowe announced he was killed this evening after he went missing during the Hamas attack at a music festival.

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