Trump to face judge at 4pm TODAY for trying to overturn 2020 election
3rd August 2023

Trump to face a judge at 4pm TODAY for trying to overturn the 2020 election: D.C. ramps up security for ex-president’s third arraignment

  • Law enforcement erected barriers around a Washington, D.C. courthouse in preparation for Trump’s arraignment Thursday 
  • It’s still unclear if ex-President will appear in-person for the arraignment
  • Media camped-out for spots and law enforcement set up barriers at courthouse

Donald Trump is summoned to appear in court on Thursday afternoon on the latest charges that he conspired to overturn the 2020 election results – but it’s still not clear if the ex-President will show up in D.C.

Special Counsel Jack Smith announced the four new charges on Tuesday following an investigation into Trump’s involvement in the January 6, 2021 Capitol riot and the efforts to stop Congress from certifying the 2020 election.

A grand jury voted to indict Trump on conspiracy to defraud the U.S., conspiracy against citizens’ rights, obstruction and attempted obstruction of an official proceeding and witness tampering.

Law enforcement erected barriers around the E. Barrett Prettyman Courthouse on Constitution Avenue in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday night in preparation for Trump’s appearance.

Law enforcement erected barriers around the E. Barrett Prettyman Courthouse in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday in preparation for Donald Trump’s arraignment on Thursday afternoon

Trump’s schedule for the day has remained fluid and it’s still unclear if he will appear in-person for the arraignment or potentially hold a post-arraignment press conference. If he does show, the ex-President will be booked and processed by U.S. Marshals and fingerprinted 

If he does appear, Trump is likely to plead not guilty to all four felony charges. His schedule for the day remains fluid, while his team didn’t rule out the possibility of a press conference following the arraignment on Thursday.

Trump is expected to be met with a barrage of camera, supporters and even protesters as he is booked and processed by the U.S. Marshals Service. He will be fingerprinted but no mugshot will be taken.

The arraignment is being overseen by Biden-appointed Magistrate Judge Moxila Upadhyaya – a different judge will handle the criminal trial.

Trump’s top 2024 competitor Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said after news broke of the indictment that Americans should have the legal ability to move their cases out of D.C.’s jurisdiction because ‘swamp mentality’ could affect jurors.

The ex-President agrees, posting to his Truth Social on Tuesday night that it’s ‘impossible’ that he will be given a fair trial in D.C.

‘The latest Fake ‘case’ brought by Crooked Joe Biden & Deranged Jack Smith will hopefully be moved to an impartial Venue, such as the politically unbiased nearby State of West Virginia!’ he wrote on his social media platform. ‘IMPOSSIBLE to get a fair trial in Washington, D.C., which is over 95% anti-Trump, & for which I have called for a Federal TAKEOVER in order to bring our Capital back to Greatness.’

He added: ‘It is now a high crime embarrassment to our Nation and, indeed, the World. This Indictment is all about Election Interference!!!’

U.S. Capitol Police, the Metropolitan Police Department, Park Police, Marshals Service and the Federal Protective Service are all on high-alert for the indictment and prepared for the arraignment for the last few weeks.

‘We’re prepared for tomorrow,’ U.S. Capitol Police Chief Thomas Manger told reporters Wednesday.

Media started setting up outside the courthouse on Constitution Ave. Wednesday

Trump says it’s ‘impossible’ for him to have a ‘fair trial in Washington, D.C.’ because the nation’s capital is ‘over 95% anti-Trump’ – he urged that he case be moved to ‘politicall unbiased nearby state of West Virginia’

City workers put up bike racks and other barriers around the E. Barrett Prettyman United States Courthouse on Tuesday and Wednesday

U.S. Capitol Police, the Metropolitan Police Department, Park Police, Marshals Service and the Federal Protective Service are all on high-alert for the indictment

Also on Wednesday there was a false report of an active shooter on Capitol Hill, leading Senate buildings to shelter in place during the scare.

The different law enforcement agencies held several calls Wednesday to review plans for the day.

The indictments and growing legal woes facing Trump are only bolstering his support among Republican voters.

In March, before his first indictment, Trump was earning 43 percent of the GOP primary vote, according to a RealClearPolitics average. A day after he was charged in the case involving hush-money payments to Stormy Daniels, his support jumped to 50 percent in the same tracking.

A few months later in early June, Trump was indicted for a second time on 37 charges related to mishandling classified documents he was privy to while President. His polling average jumped again to 55 percent.

Polling on RealClearPolitics only tracks until Monday, August 1 – a day before the third and latest indictment – but it still shows Trump far in the lead against his 14 GOP challengers.

A protester in a striped prisoner outfit stands outside the courthouse on Wednesday holding up a photoshopped image of a bald Trump in an orange prison jumpsuit with the words: ‘You do the crime you pay the time. Your time is up’

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