Trump-loving Marine, 20, threatens to SHOOT Chinese people over Covid in disturbing video
9th October 2020

A TRUMP-loving Marine, 20, threatened to SHOOT Chinese people over coronavirus in a disturbing video.

The video, shared to Twitter, showed the marine making xenophobic threats as he yelled into a camera.

Marine spokesperson Joseph Butterfield identified the man in the video as Pfc. Jarrett Morford, 20 when speaking with Stars and Stripes.

"As the honorable Trump said on Twitter today, it was China’s fault," the Marine claimed in the video of coronavirus.

He was wearing his uniform as he went on the xenophobic tirade and made threats.

“China is going to pay for what they’ve done to this country and the world. I don’t give a f**k!” he yelled.

He then used a slur against Chinese people, and continued to yell threats at the camera.

"Say 556, b**th" he yelled, likely referring to a gun as he threatened to shoot people.

"That's all I gotta say. Say five-five-f**king-six," he yelled.

Butterfield condemned the video, and told Stars and Stripes: “There is no place for racism in the Marine Corps."

He added that the Marine's command is taking "appropriate action.

Morford just graduated from bootcamp in August, and is training for a communications job in California, Stars and Stripes reported.

Many critics have dubbed Morford a "racist."

One user tweeted: "This racist is a threat to good order and discipline across the Armed Forces."

"Hopefully his chain of command is made aware of his racist predilections, and terminates his presence in the Corps ASAP," another user wrote.

The video came as Trump has repeatedly blamed China for coronavirus – and even referred to it by the name "China virus," which has been deemed racist by some.

The president was recently blasted in Chinese state media, as he told the world "don't be afraid of the virus" after being hospitalized with Covid-19.

“Trump has received first-class treatment, so he believes he will be kept fine,” Li Haidong, a professor at the Institute of International Relations of China Foreign Affairs University, told the  Global Times.

“But it shows his arrogance concerning the virus.”

China's ambassador to the UK Liu Xiaoming, meanwhile, claimed the country is a "victim" to the pandemic, and denied a cover-up.

As of Friday, more than 36million cases of coronavirus have been confirmed worldwide – with deaths surpassing 1million, according to Johns Hopkins University.

The US alone has confirmed more than 7.6million cases, with over 213,000 deaths.

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