Tory Remainers ‘plot to bring down Boris Johnson within days by quitting and joining Lib Dems’ – The Sun
14th July 2019

BORIS Johnson could be brought down within days of becoming PM with two Tories on "defection watch", it emerged today.

Party bosses fear a pair of Remainer MPs will quit and join the Lib Dems if Boris makes it to No10 next week.

That would wipe out the new Prime Minister's Commons majority – potentially triggering a snap election.

Boris is favourite to take over from Theresa May and will take office on July 25 if he beats Jeremy Hunt in the Tory leadership contest.

But his majority in Parliament will be just four, including the DUP, and that could fall to three if the Conservatives lose a by-election the next week.

The Lib Dems elect their new leader on the same day as the Tories – and Conservative bosses believe they will instantly announce the defection of two Tory MPs, the Mail on Sunday reported.

The party also fears a no-confidence motion which Jeremy Corbyn could table as soon as the new PM takes power.

Remainers Phillip Lee and Guto Bebb are seen as the Tory MPs most likely to jump ship.

Both have denied that they plan to join the Lib Dems if Boris becomes leader.

But Dr Lee said: "I am not sure how much longer the conservatism that I represent can cling on in there."

Dominic Grieve has previously said he may find it difficult to stay in the party under Mr Johnson.

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