Thrill-seekers flee for lives as Hurricane Hilary slams into Cabo
26th August 2023

Thrill-seekers forced to flee for lives as Hurricane Hilary slams into Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

  • Beachgoers who were gazing a waves at a beach in Cabo San Lucas on Saturday rushed across the sand a day before Hurricane Hilary made landfall
  • A dozen people along with a horse were lined up when the massive waves crashed across the beach shore
  • Mexican authorities reported two casualties in the states of Baja California and Sinaloa 

Thrill-seekers were forced to flee for their lives as massive waves from Hurricane Hilary slammed into the shore – ruining their view as the deadly storm made its impact felt in Mexico and California. 

The thrill-seekers gathered at a Cabo San Lucas beach in the Baja California resort town on Saturday a day before Hurricane Hilary made landfall in the Pacific coast state with 65 miles per hour winds.

‘It looks small but they’re probably 15 to 18 feet,’ the person recording the video as waves pounded the shore.

Two men recording the waves could be seen taking a few steps back before a woman was heard screaming. 

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Beachgoers – and a horse – gathered to record waves crashing along the shore before some scampered away while others stood their ground in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, on Saturday before Hurricane Hilary made landfall

A couple walks near the beach as tropical storm Hilary approaches in Playas de Tijuana, Baja California on Sunday, a day after Hurricane Hilary made landfall 

The group of wave watchers immediately scampered away as the water rushed across the sand.

A man could also be seen trying to get on top of the horse instead of pulling it away while a few people next to him stood their ground.

The storm was downgraded to a Category 2 hurricane roared toward the Baja California peninsula, causing significant flooding in the region.

One person drowned Sunday in the town Mulegé in the peninsula’s eastern coast after he tried to drive across an overflowing stream vehicle.

The man’s wife and their three children were saved by a family, according to Mayor Edith Aguilar.

A group of wave watchers run as ocean water rushed across the sand at Cabo San Lucas beach 

People look at the sea as Hurricane Hilary made landfall in Tijuana, Mexico, on Sunday 

Laura Reyes looks at a light pole that hit her car near her home in Mexicali, Baja California, on Sunday after Hurricane Hilary made landfall in Mexico with winds that registered 60 mile per hour

At least 30 families in the town were relocated as a result to damages to their homes.

The powerful storm also caused the collapse of a bridge in the town of San Felipe that connects it with the city of Laguna Chapala.

Hilary made landfall along the Mexican coast in a sparsely populated area about 150 miles south of Ensenada on Sunday before moving through mudslide-prone Tijuana, threatening the improvised homes that cling to hillsides just south of the United States border. 

On Saturday, a 35-year-old man drowned after they were swept away by flood waters in Culiacán, Sinaloa.

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