Theresa May's DUP allies warn they'll kick her out of No10 even if she DOES pull off a miracle and win Brexit deal battle
6th December 2018

The PM is heading for almost certain defeat when the EU withdrawal agreement goes through the Commons on Tuesday.

And if she does lose, she is likely to face leadership challenges from both her rebellious backbenchers and Jeremy Corbyn's Labour.

But even if she does pull off a remarkable last-minute victory, Mrs May won't be out of the woods.

The 10 DUP MPs who prop up the Government are threatening to pull their support permanently.

They have warned the Tories that if Mrs May forces her deal through, their confidence and supply agreement is off.

That would make it impossible for the Government to pass laws in Parliament any more.

And it could lead to a snap General Election, if the DUP ends up voting against the PM in a formal vote of confidence.

This week the party warned that they ARE ready for an election – and ready to risk Jeremy Corbyn taking power in order to bring down Mrs May's deal.

The DUP says the only way they can continue to support the Government is if the current Brexit deal collapses.

If Mrs May loses the vote on the deal on Tuesday, Labour have promised to call a motion of no confidence in the Government.

Deputy leader Nigel Dodds told Jacob Rees-Mogg yesterday that the DUP would back the PM in those circumstances.

That means the PM faces a tricky choice – lose her deal, or lose her job.

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