Theresa May says she is not capable of ‘parliamentary ejaculation’
11th December 2018

Theresa May declares that she is not capable of ‘parliamentary ejaculation’ in bizarre exchange with Labour MP during Brexit Commons showdown

  • Labour MP Rupa Huq accused the PM of premature parliamentary ejaculation
  • She made the bizarre comment after Theresa May pulled the crunch Brexit vote 
  • MPs erupted into awkward laughter after hearing the phrase being used today 

Theresa May’s Commons Brexit showdown took a bizarre turn tonight – as she declared that she is ‘not capable of a parliamentary ejaculation’.

She hit back after a Labour MP accused her of ‘premature parliamentary ejaculation’  after she pulled the crunch vote on her Brexit deal at the eleventh hour. 

Getting to her feet during the tense Commons showdown, Labour MP Rupa Huq accused Mrs May of ‘premature Parliamentary ejaculation’. 

Dr Huq said: ‘Nine times the Prime Minister assured us there would be no early General Election, yet still it happened.

‘As recently as this morning her hapless ever-changing band of ministers were out on the airwaves assuring us there would be a meaningful vote tomorrow, before this latest twist – this sort of premature Parliamentary ejaculation – that has put the lie to the claim she sticks to her guns.

Getting to her feet during the tense Commons showdown, Labour MP Rupa Huq (pictured in the Commons today) accused Mrs May of ‘premature Parliamentary ejaculation’

‘When she won’t even tell us when the vote is deferred to, it would appear the lady is for turning.

‘How can we ever trust anything she ever says again?’

But the bizarre phrase was met with laughter in the Commons, and one MP could be heard loudly muttering ‘wow, wow that’s strong’. 

Mrs May – Britain’s second ever female PM – shot back: ‘If she looks carefully, she will see I am not capable of a parliamentary ejaculation.’

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The exchange happened after the PM humiliatingly told MPs that she was delayed the Commons vote on her Brexit deal to avoid a catastrophic defeat.

She has pledged to return to Brussels to push for concessions after swathes of Tories signalled they will not support the current package.

And she will kick off her European tour tomorrow morning by holding a meeting with the Dutch PM Mark Rutte in The Hague.

Mrs May faced an historic defeat by up to 200 votes in tomorrow’s vote and must now come up with something to change the tide. 

Taking to her feet in the packed Commons Chamber tonight to confirm the U-turn, she hinted that her Brexit deal could be delayed for six weeks. 

The PM (pictured in the Commons today) hit back at the awkward comment, saying ‘If she looks carefully, she will see I am not capable of a parliamentary ejaculation’

Mrs May said she would hold talks with EU counterparts over the coming days before heading for Brussels summit on Thursday. 

‘I will discuss with them the clear concerns that this House has expressed,’ she said.

‘We are also looking closely at new ways of empowering the House of Commons to ensure that any provision for a backstop has democratic legitimacy and to enable the House to place its own obligations on the government to ensure that the backstop cannot be in place indefinitely.

‘Having spent the best part of two years poring over the details of Brexit….I am in absolutely no doubt that this deal is the right one.’    

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