The View's Joy Behar slams Lindsey Graham & asks if people 'get dumber as you get older' after he denied US is 'racist'
26th April 2021

THE View’s Joy Behar has slammed Sen Lindsey Graham and asked if people "get dumber as they get older" after he denied there is systemic racism in the US.

On Monday, the ABC talk show host declared that she was "appalled" by Graham's comments the previous day and asked: “Is it possible to get dumber as you get older?”

"What's really appalling is Lindsey Graham who said there is no systemic racism," Behar raged, after the the GOP politician reportedly said “America’s not a racist country."

“Somebody needs to give Lindsey a globe to tell him what country he lives in," she went on. "What the heck happened to this guy?"

Behar then noted that "tokenism" would not solve the issue of racism in America.

“[It's] what goes on in the lives of everyday people in this country," Behar continued, citing the inequality when it came to "the school system, childcare, employment, [and] transportation."

“I'm just appalled by Lindsay Graham,” she repeated.

Likewise, her co-host Whoopi Goldberg weighed in on the senator's comments and claimed it's "very easy, Lindsey, to think there is no systemic racism."

Goldberg said there needed to be "a reckoning" for cops, politicians, and leaders and added: "stuff needs to change."

The View hosts lambasted Graham after an interview on Sunday, in which he cited former President Barack Obama and Vice President Kamala Harris, as proof America wasn't racist.

"Within every society you have bad actors,” Graham said during the Fox News interview. "The Chauvin trial was a just result."

"What's happening in Ohio, where the police officer had to use deadly force to prevent a young girl from being stabbed to death, is a different situation in my view," he said.

"So this attack on police and policing: reform the police, yes, call them all racist, no," Graham went on. "America is a work in progress."

Graham’s comments came several days after a jury convicted former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin on all charges relating to the death of George Floyd.

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