The Tories must prevent Remainer MPs from stealing Brexit from the ­British people
6th December 2018

Crush this plot to steal Brexit

It is sickening that the pro-EU lobby and its relentless propaganda machine has dragged us to the brink of this calamity.

For more than two years these slick, lavishly-funded, highly organised politicians and campaigners have sabotaged Brexit negotiations. Nothing matters more to them than the europhile elite reimposing its will.

The second referendum they clamour for is the fastest and surest route to potentially unimaginable disorder. But it has never been closer.

Three years ago, politicians gave the “people” they profess to care about so much the decision to leave or remain in the EU. The Commons vote for a referendum was overwhelming: 544 to 53.

David Cameron leafletted every home with the infamous promise: “This is your decision. The Government will implement what you decide.”

We voted Leave by a margin of 1.3million. And MPs voted 494 to 122 to do our bidding. Mugs that we are, we believed them. Even at the election last year, when both Tory and Labour parties committed to seeing Brexit through in full, 82.5 per cent of us trusted them.

How can any MP justify betraying that now? The answer: by lying. By concocting excuses. By claiming that the referendum wasn’t fair, or legal, or binding. That Leave voters were too dumb to have a legitimate view. That the Russians interfered.

And by feigning a passion for the very democracy they aim to upend — and insisting the public needs a second chance for a “final say”.

We might have more respect for the People’s Vote brigade — Tony Blair, Chuka Umunna and the rest — if for once they told the truth:  that their campaign is simply about reversing their defeat.

That, actually, the “facts” have NOT changed one bit since 2016. That the economic risks are no more or less great, or clearer, today than when George Osborne made them central to his failed Project Fear strategy. Everyone knew the road would be rocky — The Sun said so repeatedly. People voted Leave anyway.

The Remainers could admit that Britain’s shambolic predicament doesn’t prove Brexit “has failed”. That this fiasco was not inevitable. Merely the result of a Remainer Government, guided by a europhile civil service, then crippled by an election disaster, conducting a half-hearted and naive negotiation while keeping Cabinet Brexiters in the dark.

And all the while being undermined by the very same People’s Vote crew which, with the connivance of European leaders, plotted to make fruitful negotiations impossible. Indeed they have dedicated themselves to damaging Britain’s position, actively co-ordinating with senior EU politicians, ambassadors, ­officials and negotiators.

Finally they could admit that even the name “People’s Vote” is a cynical lie. They don’t give a monkey’s for the “people”. They think 17.4million of the people are thick racists. If they could limit voting rights to Remainers they would. And Labour are up to their necks in all of it.

No one takes seriously their Brexit guff about the witless Corbyn magically negotiating all the single market’s benefits without accepting its rules, or staying permanently in an EU customs union while striking global trade deals. It is a  laughable fantasy, designed to deceive its many Leave voters.

The real policy, championed by Shadow Brexit Secretary Keir Starmer, is ultimately to back the second referendum, which is dead without them. This grave threat is now real.

On Tuesday, ex-Attorney General and committed Remainer Dominic Grieve won a vote potentially opening the door to it. It is one of maybe three options after Theresa May’s deal fails. None is good. This is by far the most dangerous.

If Britain voted Leave again, as we believe it would, we could exit the EU rapidly with no deal . . . the Remainers’ nightmare.

If Remain won, our democracy would be shattered, all faith in politicians destroyed. That never ends well.

Do you think Brits are too reserved for civil disorder? Cast your mind back to the riots of the 1970s, 1980s, 1990 or 2011. Or the febrile atmosphere of the referendum, during which Jo Cox MP was heartbreakingly murdered.

What a tsunami of rage politicians would unleash by ignoring the democratic rights of millions on the winning side of the biggest vote in British history.

Is it a risk the second vote camp are ready to take? Because they will have to live with its consequences.

Britain is already “a deeply fractured country”, in the words of Chancellor Philip Hammond yesterday.

Imagine how bad it will get if MPs, having handed the people the right to choose Brexit, then steal it from us.

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