The terrifying Christmas tradition where performers dress up as DEVILS and chase children
23rd December 2018

The Krampus goat-devil looks like it would be more at home on Halloween than the festive period – but it has its place in Decemeber's celebrations in many countries.

The story goes that good children are visited by Santa Claus and naughty children are beaten and kidnapped by the hideous devil.

On December 5 across countries in Europe, the Krampus run takes place.

This is when hundreds of people dress up in terrifying devil costumes in a parade in front of a crowd of families.

Children are chased and taunted by the performers – and it scares the daylights out of them.

The tradition takes place in Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia and the Czech Republic.

Videos of the parade show children terrifies, cowering away and running to their parents for protection.

Legend says Krampus would beat "wicked" children, put them in a basket on his back and kidnap them.

Krampus is said to be the son of Hel in Norse mythology.

The tale says children would place their shoes outside their door on December 5 and wake in the morning to see if Santa or Krampus had come.

They either get a present in their shoe from Santa, or a rod from Krampus.

It's pretty similar to the tale in the UK that children will get a present if they're good or coal if they're naughty – but ours is much less scary.

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