The seven deadly words highly intelligent Nicola Sturgeon couldn’t bring herself to say which caused her downfall | The Sun
15th February 2023

‘A WOMAN is an adult human female.’

Those were the seven deadly words which Nicola Sturgeon couldn’t bring herself to say, and which ultimately played a large part in her downfall.

And how spectacularly ironic that one of the most successful women in modern British politics willingly threw herself onto her own career sword because of an abject, mind-bogglingly stupid disinclination to state a simple basic irrefutable fact about her own biological sex.

In May last year, Scotland’s First Minister point-blank refused to answer the ‘what is a woman?’ question, saying: ‘I'm just not going to get into this debate at a level that's about simplified and lurid headlines.’

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But just three months later, she gleefully chased simplified lurid headlines when England’s brilliant Lionesses won the Euro 22 Championships, by tweeting: ‘Brilliant @lionesses and just goes to show… when you want something done… ask the women!’


How can we do that, Ms Sturgeon, when you can’t even say what a woman is?

Her gender-confused chickens came home to roost with the ridiculous decision to place a male rapist named Adam Graham into a Scottish female prison because he pretended to be a woman named Isla Bryson at his trial to get an easier sentence and be put among future potential targets, like a fox being locked up in a hen coop.

This was the shocking and inevitable consequence to Sturgeon’s dismally ill-conceived campaign to make it easier for people to change their gender and self-identify in any way they see fit even if it means seriously eroding women’s rights to fairness, equality, and safety in the process.

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Her Gender Recognition Reform bill, passed in December and then rightfully blocked by Rishi Sunak, would give a legal rubber stamp to this woke nonsense, and represents a shameful betrayal of women.

After Adam Graham was finally moved back to a male prison last month, but only after an intense media furore forced Sturgeon into a humiliating U-turn, she was hoisted by her own virtue-signalling petard in an excruciating 52-second interview with ITV News journalist Peter Smith that I think played a big part in her decision to quit.

‘Are all trans women, women?’ he asked.

‘That’s not the point we’re dealing with here,’ Sturgeon snapped, even though that was of course exactly the point we were dealing with.

‘That’s the question I’m asking,’ Smith persisted.

‘Trans women ARE women,’ stammered Sturgeon, ‘but in the prison context there is no automatic right for a trans woman…’

‘So,’ Smith interrupted, ‘there are contexts where a trans woman is not a woman?’

‘No, there is…’ Sturgeon replied, before pausing and laughing awkwardly as she realised that she’d fallen into the giant trap she’d laid for herself, ‘…circumstances in which a trans woman will be housed in the male prison estate because of the nature of the crime.’

‘Is there any context in which a woman born as a woman will be housed in the male estate?’ asked Smith.

‘Look, we’re talking here about trans women,’ said Sturgeon.

‘I’m asking about women born as women,’ said Smith.

‘I don’t think there are circumstances there, but…’

‘So, it’s different for trans women?’

‘Well yes…’

‘So, they’re not equal.’

It was a preposterous exchange that exposed the hideous intellectual vacuum in the First Minister’s gender stance and surely helped seal her fate in the eyes of even her most loyal supporters?

The most incomprehensible thing about all this is that I always found Nicola Sturgeon to be one of the most ballsy and up-front politicians when it came to facing the media music.

She never hid in fridges like Boris Johnson to avoid scrutiny.

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Yet she’s been undone, in part, by her self-imposed failure to define her own sex and defend women’s rights.

And for a firebrand, highly intelligent woman who trailed such a feminist blaze on the political stage, that’s a tragic absurdity.

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