Terrifying moment 'cunning' shark attacks spearfishers as divers say they are 'thankful to still be in one piece' | The Sun
12th February 2023

TERRIFYING footage shows the moment two divers were attacked by a shark – but both say they are thankful to still be in one piece.

Tao Hoogland was spearfishing with his pal Joseph on 10 January, when they encountered an "aggressive" shark in Shark Bay, Western Australia.

The free-diving instructor was in a "rest position" in a bid to get the perfect catch, when he noticed the unwelcomed guest.

Tao pans the camera to his fins, where the shark can be seen darting toward him, as he attempts to battle it off with a swift kick to the face.

He said: "A large bronze whaler shark swim directly in front of me.

"There wasn't fear, it was more surprise, shock and our fight or flight survival instincts kicking in.


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"As I looked up to my dive buddy, he signalled that it was time to go, especially as we had several bad encounters with similar sharks the week prior.

"Suddenly, the shark reappeared behind me and before I knew what was happening, it was attacking my buddy in between our legs, trying to take the fish off his speargun."

"It bit one of the fish off, then another started floating away, so I tried to grab it – but then it came straight back and took the second fish from directly in front of me."

The divers quickly made their way back to shore but were shocked at how persistent the shark had been – making a beeline for their catch.

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Toad added: "The shark tried to take the rest of the fish out of our hands, as we swam back to shore.

"I was surprised by how aggressive and cunning the shark was, but I quickly became annoyed as it wouldn't leave us alone."

Sharing the "shocking" experience on TikTok, which has racked up over 840,000 views and 19,200 likes, Tao has received reactions from across the globe.

Users flocked to the comments to share their reactions, with many in awe of the traumatising event.

Art said: “You survived a shark attack!! You got a meaning to life don’t forget this.”


Alex added: “Dude really tried to keep his fish away from the shark.”

“Omg my heart would have stopped I wouldn’t be able to move after that let alone swim back to shore,” added another user. [sic]

Jonah said: “My soul would leave my body…I cannot with sharks I love them but it would be very painful to be killed by them”

Others, however, suggested he was too rough with the aquatic mammal and should have gone a different way about the situation.

Ness commented: “You forgot to put your hand on the sharks nose, that’s why.”

Pen added: “The last thing you want to do is start swimming away and creating a fuss.”

“Don’t splash like crazy, let him get close then push down on his head to steer him away,” commented Joe.

However, Katie said: “All these people saying just don't splash… as if they wouldn't panic too,” followed by a laughing emoji. [sic]

Tao added: "Shark encounters are not uncommon for us, so we've had lots of experience with them in the past.

"We knew our main priority was to stay close, keep eye contact while holding our fish above the water and swimming towards shore for safety, as we protected ourselves with our spears.

"We've never encountered such a funny shark that was willing to [steal from us] – usually they keep their distance, but not this one.

"After the encounter, we were both in shock and stood on the beach surprised that neither of us had lost a limb or was badly bitten.

"We kept discussing what we would have done if either of us had been badly bitten, but we were without a phone signal and over three hours from the nearest town.

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"Sharks are as important as any other marine creature and can be wonderful animals, but they are also wild food driven and need to be respected for what they are.

"However, we were both straight back in the ocean the next day – but feeling a little on edge and very cautious."

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