‘Terrible CEO’ Donald Trump’s Presidency Is ‘Decomposing Before Our Very Eyes,’ CNN Host Says
23rd December 2018

Conservative political commentator S.E. Cupp took aim at President Donald Trump on Saturday, criticizing him for being a “failure” as the chief executive of a “truly great company” despite his reputation as an astute businessman, suggesting that his presidency is “decomposing before our very eyes.”

On Saturday’s episode of S.E. Cupp Unfiltered on CNN, the show’s eponymous host referred to the popular holiday movie It’s A Wonderful Life, saying that contrary to the film’s name, it’s currently “not a wonderful life” for the president. She noted the recent wave of high-profile resignations, including those of defense secretary general James Mattis and interior secretary Ryan Zinke, singling out the former resignation as the one that could be the “most significant blow” to Trump’s presidency, as quoted by Newsweek. In relation to that, Cupp was critical of Trump’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Syria, which, per the Guardian, drove Mattis to resign from his post.

“When your only supporters on foreign policy are Rand Paul and Vladimir Putin, you know you’re probably doing it wrong,” Cupp remarked.

Just one day after Mattis’ resignation, Brett McGurk, the U.S. presidential envoy in the fight against ISIS, cited similar reasons when he submitted his resignation on Friday. According to a report from CNN, Trump’s “snap” decision had “frustrated” McGurk, as the president’s move to withdraw troops from Syria went against the strategy he was discussing with anti-ISIS coalition partners, which was to have the U.S. military remain in the country in order to fight the militant group.

Regarding the recent downtick in the stock market, which saw the Dow Jones Industrial Average reach lows not seen since the global recession of the late 2000s, Cupp likewise blamed Donald Trump for said market volatility, suggesting that investors are concerned about the president’s trade policies and the ongoing partial government shutdown, which she said took place because of Trump’s “inability to play political chess” with Democrat lawmakers.

“If America were a business and the CEO was facing a dozen criminal and ethics investigations, multiple members of his inner circle had gone to jail, he was making rash decisions that prompted his top advisers to quit in protest and the company had to temporarily shut down over failed internal business negotiations, what would happen?”

In all, Cupp compared Donald Trump’s situation to that of an “embattled” CEO who is about to be replaced by the company’s board of directors. She called Trump a “terrible CEO of a truly great company,” accusing the president of running the United States to the ground instead of doing as his slogan suggests and making the country great again.

Cupp’s comments about Trump were made just hours after the partial government shutdown went into effect, as the president chose not to sign a bipartisan funding bill that did not include the $5 billion he had requested for his planned U.S.-Mexico border wall. As noted by Newsweek, the shutdown has resulted in thousands of government employees put on furlough without pay, and will likely continue “at least through Christmas,” as the Senate is scheduled to return from vacation on Thursday, December 27.

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