Supporters' Club says Mason Greenwood at Old Trafford would be 'toxic'
18th August 2023

Founder of Manchester United’s Women’s Supporters’ Club says Mason Greenwood returning to Old Trafford would ‘make it toxic’ with people ‘booing him’

  • Supporters club said the return of the player would ‘destroy’ Man U for many 

Mason Greenwood running out onto the pitch of Old Trafford would make the club toxic and ‘destroy’ Manchester United’s community, a supporters’ group has warned.

The 21-year-old has not played for the Premier League giants since his arrest in January 2022 for attempted rape, assault and coercive control.

Those charges were dropped in February, though he is still suspended by United pending the result of an internal investigation.

But last night Natalie Burrell, founder of Manchester United’s Women’s Supporters’ Club, said in her opinion he should not be welcomed back.

She said: ‘I’ve been going to this club since I was a little girl. It’s such an important part of my life.

Greenwood has not played for the Premier League giants since his arrest in January 2022 for attempted rape, assault and coercive control. Charges were later dropped.

Riley, who is a well-known United fan, felt she would be ‘unable’ to support her club if Greenwood returned

‘It’s a community, it’s everything, it’s where I get a lot of my social life, a lot of my friends.

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‘It would just destroy that. It’s destroying it now there’s massive divides and protests.

‘It’s going to make it toxic if he does run out at Old Trafford, people are going to be booing him.

‘Some might be supporting him and saying we should carry on supporting, but you can’t support someone like that. I think it’s all because they’ve not got a lot of striking options and this is an easy way to get someone in who’s talented’, she added in the interview with Newsnight.

It comes after Countdown co-host Rachel Riley, who is a well-known Red Devils fan, insisted she would stop supporting the club if Greenwood was brought back.

The club’s final decision is yet to be made public but his reintegration into the first team remains an option, which would be highly controversial given the circumstances of the case amid fan protests over the issue.

Riley tweeted to her 684,000 followers saying: ‘I won’t be able to support United if Greenwood remains at the club.’

On Greenwood, Manchester United’s women’s side have reportedly voiced their concerns about his returning to the club’s Carrington training ground.

Ahead of United’s men team’s season opener against Wolves, fans protested against his potential reintegration, labelling the club ‘spineless’ and urging them not to leave the decision up to the women’s team, opening the women’s stars up to vile abuse. 

 Riley insists she will stop supporting Man United if they bring back Mason Greenwood

United supporters protested about his potential return to the first-team squad on Monday

On Wednesday, United released a statement saying: ‘Following the dropping of all charges against Mason Greenwood in February 2023, Manchester United has conducted a thorough investigation into the allegations made against him.

‘This has drawn on extensive evidence and context not in the public domain, and we have heard from numerous people with direct involvement or knowledge of the case.

‘Throughout this process, the welfare and perspective of the alleged victim has been central to the club’s inquiries, and we respect her right to lifelong anonymity.

‘We also have responsibilities to Mason as an employee, as a young person who has been with the club since the age of seven, and as a new father with a partner. 

‘The fact-finding phase of our investigation is now complete, and we are in the final stages of making a decision on Mason’s future.

‘Contrary to media speculation, that decision has not yet been made and is currently the subject of intensive internal deliberation. 

‘Responsibility ultimately rests with the Chief Executive Officer. Once made, the decision will be communicated and explained to the club’s internal and external stakeholders.

The forward, 21, has not played for the Premier League giants since his arrest in January 2022 for attempted rape, assault and coercive control

‘This has been a difficult case for everyone associated with Manchester United, and we understand the strong opinions it has provoked based on the partial evidence in the public domain. 

‘We ask for patience as we work through the final stages of this carefully considered process.’

The forward has been training alone and is still being paid his £75,000-a-week salary in full.

Greenwood was due to stand trial in November but prosecutors discontinued the case in February, citing the withdrawal of key witnesses.

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