'Stupid' tourists fined for hanging out of moving car to take Snapchat selfies in Snowdonia
19th June 2021

SNOWDONIA tourists were slammed as “stupid” after footage emerged of them hanging out of a moving car for Snapchat selfies. 

A pair of visitors at the beauty spot in North Wales were caught striking a pose on police dashcam. 

Footage released by cops shows two of the visitors leaning out of the car window and holding up their phones to take a selfie in the rolling hills.   

North Wales Police said the group received tickets once the car had stopped. 

Asked by officers why they had been leaning out of the window, a member of the group said they had been “taking pics for Snapchat”. 

North Wales Police Roads Policing Unit tweeted: "Perfect example of stupid behaviour… Captured whilst one of our unmarked bikes was on #OpDarwen patrol in Snowdonia last Sunday.

"Car stopped and tickets issued. Stern words were also given.

"Their excuse – 'taking pics for Snapchat."

The Welsh mountain is one of the country’s top tourist destinations and is popular because it can be walked on foot without specialist climbing gear.

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