Snowfall on Sea to Sky Highway creates treacherous conditions
23rd December 2018

Rapidly accumulating snow is making for some very treacherous travel conditions over some locations along Highway 99 Saturday evening.

The Sea to Sky Highway north of Squamish to Whistler is being described by callers to CKNW this evening as a ‘complete gong show’ after snowfall in the area led to a number of vehicles slipping and sliding off the road and into the ditch.

Traffic is at a standstill, with some reporting not moving for a half hour or more.

Environment Canada is out with a Snowfall warning in effect for the Sea to Sky Highway from Squamish to Whistler.

That snow is expected to continue tonight before changing to rain Sunday morning.

A reminder to motorists to be prepared to adjust your driving with changing road conditions, especially in the mountains where weather can change quickly.

And, be sure to use winter tires and chains.


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