Sleuths claim to spot Antarctic Nazi bunker with ‘secret door’ seen in icy wilderness after wild theory Hitler fled war | The Sun
25th August 2023

ONLINE sleuths believe they may have found a secret Nazi bunker in Antarctica after spotting a "door" on Google Maps.

The supposed door was spotted in the icy wilderness – where some conspiracy theorists believe Hitler survived the end of the Second World War.

The baffling image taken from above shows a shadowed, square-shaped mark hidden in a vast Antarctic ice sheet.

A Facebook user shared a screenshot of the alleged door in late July and it quickly went viral.

Many conspiracy theorists believe it could be a secret base for the government or even a Nazi bunker.

Wild rumours of a "hidden Nazi base" have circulated years, with many online believing the Nazis survived after the war in a hidden base in the Antarctic.


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Some of the most popular theories suggest the war criminals constructed a military base beneath the ice during their month in the Arctic, and the Nazi elite supposedly relocated there in the aftermath of the war.

Germany held an expedition to Antarctica in 1938 in an attempt to source their own whale oil, which has caused contention among conspiracy theorists since the theory first emerged.

There is no evidence to support the theory, however, and there is no proof of any further German activity in the area during or shortly after the war.

But the sight of German U-Boats spotted in Argentina after Germany's surrender in 1945 further fuelled rumours that the Führer survived the war and fled.

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Meanwhile, others suggested that the ominous shape could be home to other fabled beings, such as the Abominable Snowman or giants due to the size of the alleged "doorway".

Despite a multitude of evidence suggesting a Nazi base was not constructed in the area, online sleuths have gone wild over the new photo.

One commented: "There's a Nazi base in there somewhere."

A second agreed, saying: "I thought they were all in Argentina? Antarctica would be a much more suitable hideout."

A third theorised: "I've heard there are many bases in Antarctica ranging from out-of-town visitors to deep in the mantle civilisations.

"Even the Fourth Reich have a large establishment still there apparently.

"It’s convenient when you don’t have civilians or any media to worry about – on an entire continent they can do all their illegal experiments far from prying eyes."

Another chimed in: "Interesting. So, this may be the entrance to a world we still don't know beyond Antarctica."

Many joked that the door may be the entrance to the Abominable Snowman's lair.

A seventh said: "Clearly you've found the home of an Abominable Snowman!"

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Meanwhile, others were more sceptical, suggesting that the supposed 'doorway' is likely just a simple hole in the ice.

One said: "Sometimes a hole is just a hole."

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