Six dead and 10 missing after bus plunges into sinkhole then explodes
14th January 2020

Six people have died and 10 are missing after a bus plunged into a sinkhole as passengers were boarding the vehicle.

The bus had just stopped near a hospital and was picking up passengers in the city of Xining in Quinghai Province, China, when the incident happened on Monday afternoon.

Terrifying footage shows the moment the number 17 bus pulls into the stop before it nose-dives into a giant hole that suddenly appears.

Pedestrians, including a child, can be seen fleeing the area, while some get swallowed into the hole.

A few minutes later, a large explosion causes flames to burst from the area.

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Emergency services were immediately called and a search and rescue operation was launched.

Sixteen people were taken to hospital but their injuries are not thought to be in life-threatening.

In 2016, three people fell into a huge sinkhole in Henan province, after a section of road collapsed.

It is thought the collapse was caused by water pipes buried under the road breaking due to the rain.

Meanwhile in 2013, five people died when a 33ft wide sinkhole opened up in Shenzhen.

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