Shooting reported at Canberra Airport
14th August 2022

Canberra Airport has been evacuated after gunshots were reportedly heard in the check-in concourse.

Early reports indicate there was a single shooter who has been arrested, and no injuries have been reported.

A video from the airport shows police detaining a man as travellers look on from other sections of the terminal.

Travellers reported on social media the airport was placed into lockdown and there is a heavy police presence.

Lorraine Haase, a Canberra local, said she boarded a “really full” Virgin flight to Melbourne for a holiday around 1.15pm.

“[We were] sitting down, about to take off when the captain came out and announced that there had been an incident at the airport involving a shooter,” she told The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

“[He said] the airport had been evacuated and it would be some time before we were likely to depart.”

She said his exact words were that there had been a “major security incident”. As of 2pm, the flight remained grounded but the passengers were calm, there was “absolutely zero panic” and the crew had been providing updates, Haase said.

A spokesperson for the airport said declined to comment, noting it was a “police matter at the moment”.

Video posted on social media shows police taking statements from potential witnesses outside the airport terminal.

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