Shocking moment Land Rover repeatedly smashes into car in furious 'parking row'
27th November 2020

THIS is the shocking moment a Land Rover repeatedly smashes into a car during a "row over parking".

Video of the incident at Canning Town in London was shared to social media today.

The footage shows the Land Rover ploughing into the front of the parked car.

The Land Rover then reverses before crashing into the other vehicle again, this time also appearing to collide with a lorry parked close by.

A man then walks out in front of the car to examine the damage done to it.

A cry of "Oh my days" can be heard before another person shouts: "one more".

The Land Rover then smashes into the car for a third time.

It is not clear what sparked the incident, but some viewers suggested it was due to an argument over parking.

The Sun Online has contacted the Met Police for comment.

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