Royal Navy seaman is cleared of sexual assault on fellow sailor
3rd December 2018

Royal Navy Able Seaman, 26, is cleared of pinning down fellow sailor in bed, trying to force him to perform sex act and then laughing it off as banter

  • Troy Griffiths, 26, was accused of pinning down colleague naked on his bed 
  • But panel at Bulford Military Court could not be certain touching was sexual
  • He was cleared of one count of sexual assault and two of disgraceful conduct  

Troy Griffiths, 26, of Leeds (pictured outside court last week) has been cleared of sexually assaulting a fellow sailor 

A Royal Navy seaman has been cleared of sexual assaulting a fellow sailor after being accused of making him perform a sex act on him. 

Able Seaman Troy Griffiths, 26, of Leeds, who is stationed at HMS Raleigh in Cornwall, was found not guilty of one charged of sexual assault and two of disgraceful conduct at Bulford Military Court last week.

His accuser, who cannot be named for legal reasons, previously told the hearing he was getting ready for bed when Griffiths restrained him with the help of two others – not wearing any clothes.

He claimed after returning from the shower naked, the sailor put his knees on either side of his chest and tried to make him perform a sex act.

But Griffiths insisted it was ‘just banter’ and he would have stopped what he was doing if his colleague was not laughing with the rest of their team. 

Judge Advocate Alistair Mcgrigor told the pair the touching that took place must have be deemed sexual with ‘absolute certainty’ to convict Griffiths.

He added: ‘If you are not completely certain or have any doubts that the touching was not sexual, you must deem him not guilty.’

Griffiths previously admitted he had jumped on the sailor because everybody was laughing, but denied anything of a sexual nature took place.  

Griffiths (pictured outside court at an earlier hearing last week) denied one charge of sexual assault and two counts of disgraceful conduct and was found not guilty by a military panel after two hours 

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Representing Griffiths, his barrister told the court: ‘It is one story against the other. 

‘The complainant has his side of the story, but could not recall dry humping another sailor before Griffiths entered the room – there are gaps in his story.

‘Able Seaman Griffiths has explained the whole story without leaving anything to the imagination. But it is one word against the other.

‘So I ask whether you can really be completely certain that the allegation of sexual assault is one that can be proved with certainty.’

After two hours the panel returned not guilty verdicts on all counts and the judge informed Griffiths he was free to go.   

The sailors were stationed at HMS Raleigh in Cornwall (aerial view of base pictured) 

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