Robert De Niro warns of another 'much smarter' Trump in the future
13th November 2020

Trump hater Robert De Niro warns that there will be another ‘much smarter’ Trump in the future who will use the ‘same playbook as Hitler and Mussolini’

  • Robert De Niro, 77, expressed relief on Monday that Joe Biden won election 
  • But the Goodfellas actor warned that ‘there’ll be other people like’ Trump 
  • De Niro said someone ‘smarter, more mercurial’ could do more damage  
  • Oscar-winner also said he was ‘confounded’ by Trump’s millions of supporters 
  • He accused Trump of ‘appealing to worst prejudices’ like ‘Hitler and Mussolini’ 

Robert De Niro said that while he was relieved Joe Biden won last Tuesday’s election, he warns that another ‘wannabe dictator’ like President Trump will come along by using ‘the same playbook as Mussolini and Hitler.’

‘There’ll be other people like [Trump] in the future, maybe not in my lifetime,’ the 77-year-old Goodfellas actor, who has been one of the president’s fiercest critics the last four years, told MSNBC on Monday.

‘Somebody’s going to come along who’s a lot smarter, more sensitive, more mercurial and not so boorish and will be able to pull the wool over the eyes of the public,’ he continued.

‘And then we will have a more serious, deeper problem, and one that might actually get further than what Trump has done.’

Oscar-winning actor Robert De Niro (left), 77, said that while he was relieved President Trump (right) was defeated in last Tuesday’s election, he warned that a ‘smarter, more mercurial’ Trump could come along

De Niro added: ‘He’s also set an example, unfortunately, to other young people that this kind of thing can be done, and that’s why it’s so important after he is out of office that he is held accountable.’

The Oscar-winning actor said that Trump uses ‘the same playbook’ as some of history’s worst dictators.

‘It’s what they’re going to do for the people, make Germany great again, make Italy great again, make America great again,’ De Niro said.

‘It’s all appealing to the worst prejudices, the worst weaknesses of the public and instead of leading them and guiding them and being someone that they can look up to.

‘And when the public is not right, you have to be [there] to do the right thing and set an example for them.

‘And if you don’t, then we’re going to be where we are today.’

When asked about his reaction to Biden’s victory, the Taxi Driver star said: ‘Thank God we’re out of this. We’re going to be in other things but thank God with Biden… he’s going to bring us into calm waters.’

But the actor said he was ‘confounded’ by the more than 70 million Americans who cast their ballots for Trump.

When asked about his reaction to Joe Biden’s victory, the Taxi Driver star said: ‘Thank God we’re out of this. We’re going to be in other things but thank God with Biden… he’s going to bring us into calm waters.’ Biden is seen above in Wilmington, Delaware, on Tuesday

‘“I’m not like political, but I was so angry and so enraged and confounded that he would actually behave the way he did and that people bought it,’ De Niro said.

‘Now I see many, many, many people in the country feel this way. I’m sad about other people who don’t.

‘They’ve accepted him and would have voted for him and have voted for him.

‘I don’t know why. That’s all that it was from the very beginning. Just how could this guy behave this way?

‘That’s all.’

De Niro said that Trump was psychologically unfit to be president because ‘there’s a screw loose there.’

‘He just doesn’t get it,’ De Niro said. ‘If he had done what he should have done for the virus [in dealing with the pandemic], he could have won this election.’

De Niro added: ‘I wouldn’t be happy about it, but he would’ve done something right.’

He compared Trump to ‘the gang that couldn’t shoot straight.’

‘There’s no center. You have to have a center no matter who you are,’ De Niro said of Trump.

‘It’s like somebody defying gravity. They’ll never do it.

‘That’s why we have rules, that’s why we have laws, that’s why we have judges, that’s why we have structure.

‘If we don’t have that, we have nothing. We have chaos, we have anarchy.’ 

De Niro and Trump have sparred frequently during the president’s time in office.

After De Niro, who played boxer Jake LaMotta in Martin Scorsese’s 1980 biopic Raging Bull, yelled ‘f*** Trump’ at the Tony Awards in 2018, the president responded on Twitter.

He said: ‘Robert De Niro, a very Low IQ individual, has received too many shots to the head by real boxers in movies. I watched him last night and truly believe he may be “punch-drunk”.’ 

Earlier this year, De Niro reacted to Trump’s comments about the coronavirus, including remarks about injecting bleach and cleaning material to fight the illness.

‘You’ve got a lunatic saying things that people are trying to dance around,’ De Niro said of the president. 

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