Report: Kate Bingham can't travel abroad because she had trial jab
15th July 2021

Vaccines tsar Kate Bingham is one of 40,000 double-jabbed Brits forced to put summer holiday plans on hold after taking part in Novavax trial that is still not recognised by NHS or EU

  • Kate Bingham took part in early vaccine trials but the jab not recognised by NHS
  • Dame Bingham is one of 40,000 who do not have green tick on vaccine passport
  • This means Brits who took part in trial have to put summer holiday plans on hold 

Vaccines tsar Dame Kate Bingham is one of 40,000 double-jabbed Brits who will be forced to put holiday plans on hold after taking part in the Novavax trial.

The trial is still not recognised by the NHS or the EU and so means those who have received jabs do not have the necessary green tick on their vaccine passport to show they are fully vaccinated.

Without the necessary recognition, many who have taken part in the trial are unwilling to risk booking holidays abroad.

A source told the Telegraph: ‘It’s not a good situation for any of the triallists to be in. They’re being held in limbo.

‘I imagine it’s quite awkward for Kate because she has been asked to speak at events abroad this summer and doesn’t know if she will be able to, quite apart from whether she can travel on holiday.’

Dame Kate Bingham (pictured) is one of 40,000 Brits who have to put holiday plans on hold because they took part in clinical trials for Novavax which is yet to be recognised by the NHS

Venture capitalist Kate Bingham was hailed a hero earlier this year for leading the country’s vaccine taskforce.

In her unpaid role as chair of the taskforce she led procurement of vaccines and helped secure more than 350 million doses of seven different vaccines, including 40 million doses of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, and 100 million doses of the jab developed by Oxford and AstraZeneca.

Her ability to lead the UK’s efforts to find coronavirus jab was initially repeatedly questioned because she had no experience of buying vaccines.

There were also cries of cronyism when she was chosen by Boris Johnson because she is married to one of his most loyal ministers, Jesse Norman, Financial Secretary to the Treasury.

Kate Bingham was awarded her Damehood in this year’s Queen’s Birthday honours list 

The Oxford and Harvard educated businesswoman even admitted herself she wasn’t a ‘complete expert’ in vaccines and was pondering turning the job down until her eldest daughter persuaded her otherwise.

But by January this year there were calls for her to be decorated as Britain raced ahead in the global race to vaccinate its population with some claiming that her appointment was one of the PM’s few inspired decisions of the first lockdown.

She was awarded her damehood in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List this year. 

In an interview with the Telegraph in March, Dame Bingham described taking part in Novavax trials which she said had been found to be ‘incredibly strong’ against the variants and it is understood she had her second jab some time this spring.

Novavax Inc released it’s phase three clinical data last month and said its coronavirus vaccine is more than 90 percent effective at preventing people from falling ill. 

But the vaccine has yet to be approved by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency and so it still unrecognised by the NHS and the EU.

Dame Bingham had warned last October that those made by Novavax, GSK and Sanofi, and Valneva ‘will not be available until late in 2021’.  

There are reported concerns that volunteers may be put off future clinical trials if they are negatively impacted by taking part in the Novavax trial.

 Novavax trials began last October and it has proved to be ‘incredibly strong’ against the variants, according to vaccines tsar Dame Kate Bingham who took part in the trials (file photo)

A letter written by Prof Jonathan Van-Tam, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer, last month had insisted that participants would not be ‘disadvantaged in terms of any future domestic vaccine certification, if introduced, compared to anyone else who has had their vaccines under the standard NHS programme’. 

A DHSC spokesman said: ‘The NHS Covid Pass service is helping tens of thousands of English and Welsh citizens demonstrate their vaccination status quickly, easily and for free, both for international travel and for use at events as part of the Events Research Programme.

‘The information displayed is from national NHS systems and, if a patient’s information is incorrect or missing, they can contact their GP who will be able to update their record.

‘The NHS Covid Pass service will in the coming weeks display vaccine information for people enrolled in clinical trials.’




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