Prince William won't discuss royal rift with Prince Harry as all discussions have to go through Meghan, expert claims
3rd July 2021

PRINCE William avoided talking about his rift with his brother Prince Harry this week as all discussions have to go through Meghan Markle, a royal expert has claimed.

Richard Eden said that when the two brothers were seen chatting on Thursday during an event to unveil a statue for their mum Diana, probably they did not discuss any serious topics.

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The expert claimed that even though the Duke of Cambridge and Duke of Sussex seemed close at the ceremony on July 1, it is unlikely that they spoke about the ongoing tensions between them, the Daily Mail reports.

Mr Eden said: "Whatever discussions they’ve had between Harry and William whether it’s about the football or whatever while Harry’s here, they won’t have been very serious.

"I mean William knows [that] without Meghan being there, there’s no point in discussing anything serious, because it will have to go through her anyway."

It comes after some pals said they fear that the divide between the two brothers may never heal as William finds it impossible to trust Harry after his interview with Oprah Winfrey.

The most damaging accusations in the bombshell interview with Oprah was that a member of the Royal Family had made a racist comment about the colour of Archie's skin before he was born.

Meghan also said she was prevented from seeking mental health support when she was in crisis, adding that she even felt suicidal while pregnant.

A source close to the pair told The Mirror: "On the one hand you have Diana’s family, as well as members of the royal family, who will be holding on to any crumb of hope that the two brothers will repair their relationship and on the other some definitely feel the damage is done and it is almost impossible for Harry to be trusted again.”

But despite their rift, Harry and William stood shoulder-to-shoulder during the touching ceremony in Kensington Palace's Sunken Garden on Thursday.

The pair laughed and joked together as they came face to face for the first time since Prince Philip's funeral in April.

The two brothers even shared a glass of bubbly after the event at around 2.45pm.

But just 20 minutes later, Harry was pictured driving out of Kensington Palace in a Range Rover.

Body language expert Judi James told Fabulous that Harry and William prioritised "their roles as Diana's sons over their roles as brothers".

She said: "Emerging side-by-side their smiles did appear slightly over-worked at first but one very telling trait was how their body language was mirrored.

"This kind of mimicry suggests strong subliminal bonds, hinting that old ties still bind them despite their current rifts.

"Harry’s hand reached to touch his wedding ring, which is a self-comfort gesture suggesting some inner tension although it also hinted how much he sees his family as a source of support."

The statue was commissioned by the two brothers in 2017 and was unveiled on what would have been Princess Diana's 60th birthday.

It shows Diana with her arms around two children with another little boy following behind.

It is engraved with the words: "These are the units to measure the worth of this woman as a woman regardless of birth.

"Not what was her station? But had she a heart? How did she play her God-given part?"

Harry and William chose some of Diana’s favourite flowers to be planted by the statue, including 100 forget-me-nots, 200 roses, 300 tulips and 500 lavender plants.

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