Prince William, stop 'reaching out' to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle — nothing is sacred to them
21st March 2021

“FURIOUS” is not an adjective one would normally associate with the Duke of ­Cambridge.

But, oh brother. The dice have been rolled and Wills has found himself on the receiving end of a pair of snake eyes, courtesy of Prince Harry.

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Along with his anger at Harry’s betrayal, what irks William is his brother’s claim, aired on the Oprah moanfest, that he is “trapped” in the Royal Family — a field hand and bond servant to “duty”.

Of course, these days “duty” and Harry don’t exactly go together like horse and carriage.

His ­conversion from swashbuckling Army blade, ablaze with loyalty to Queen and country, has been notable for its startling rapidity.

He now does something La Meghan calls “thriving”, which seems to be ­exclusively at the expense of his family.

It pains me to say it, William, but I could have told you so.

Not until the parched California hills freeze over will there be a reconciliation between you and the Prince of Sighs and Mother Teresa of ­Montecito.

It would shatter Meghan’s crystalline “truth’ and suggest that recollections do indeed vary.

“Duty” is not just the foundations on which a Monarchy is built, There is familial duty, duty to one’s parents and grandparents, duty to one’s ­brothers and sisters.

We have seen precious little of this from Harry and Meghan.

William, and other members of the Windsor clan, cannot get their heads around this.

Not being Californian woke-ists, they do not expect others to bend to their ethics, or view of the world.

William’s only “narrative” is to get on with it and not let the side down, something the Duke and Duchess of Sussex regard as bourgeois and archaic.


Meghan had already caused “irreversible damage” to her own family, by snubbing her half-sister, Samantha Markle, and first alienating then discarding her poor father.

Now, with the steeliness of a gangland hitman, she has turned her sights on the most famous family in the world.

She had done nothing to deserve this fame, apart from persuading an impressionable prince to fall for her charms.

And like all delusional narcissists, she felt not a jot of gratitude or loyalty to her benefactress.

Now the Queen can give her nothing she wants or needs, her Majesty has been discarded like a pair of worn-out ­Louboutins.

Could it be that Herself aspires to create an alternative royal family in the United States?

To set herself up, not so much as a People’s Princess, but as a queen over the water?

It would not be beyond Meg and Haz to start a sort of monarchy of the downtrodden, a protectorate of victims of sexism, racism, British newspaperism and other unbearable oppressions.

Thus, Meghan’s strategy depends on the Sussexes being against the Royal Family and its core values of duty and its hereditary principle.

As Prince ­William must realise, painful though it is to this increasingly impressive young man, a reconciliation just ain’t going to happen.

Remember that Meghan and her haunted hubby have accused the Windsors of racism.

How would their new, ethnic minority fan base feel if such a crime was forgiven?

And what of poor Kate, painted as some snobby creature out of Downton Abbey, who makes poor American girls cry. How could Meghan possibly make it up with such a monster?

No, there is nothing in it for the Poseurs over the Water. I implore you, William, stop “reaching out” to this pair. Nothing’s sacred to them.

Not loyalty, not discretion and certainly not duty. Meghan is a Mean Girl and on this, recollections don’t vary.

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