Post Office warns customers it will fine them £10 if 'they are grumpy'
3rd August 2022

Letter of the law! Post Office puts up sign warning customers it will charge them £10 if ‘they are grumpy, irritable or just plain rude’

  • The notice appears to be in a Welsh Post Office based on a photo on Reddit
  • The sign says customers will be charged £10 if they are rude or ‘grouchy’ to staff 
  • It drew a mixed response – one Reddit user said ‘I hope this sign is double-sided’

A Post Office appears to have had enough of customers’ abuse and taken matters into their own hands by threatening to fine people £10 if they are rude to staff.

A photo posted on social media site Reddit appears to show a sign put up by staff in a Welsh Post Office, The Mirror reported. 

The sign reads: ‘If you are grouchy or irritable, or just plain rude: there will be a £10 charge for putting up with you.’

A Reddit user shared the photo, which he claimed was taken in his local Post Office.   

The customer said: ‘My local Post Office has had enough of your s***.’

The sign appears to have been put up in a Welsh Post Office to give a stern warning to customers 

They added: ‘I’d like to have been there the day someone was particularly c**** to trigger this. Or it’s an attempt at good old British humour. I can see Basil Fawlty having a sign like this.

‘Either way, I didn’t test the fellow and was done and dusted in less than two minutes.’ 

A sign reading Swyddfa’r – which means Post Office in Welsh – is visible in the top-left of the photo.

The location of the Post Office where the picture was taken is not clear.

Users on Reddit responded with humour to the sign, but were mixed about whether it was a reasonable response to customers.

One joked: ‘I hope this sign is double-sided.’

Another criticised the sign, saying: ‘When I worked in shops I never really cared if people were grumpy as long as they didn’t take it out on me.

‘I don’t know what’s going on in your life, you might have a very good reason to be grouchy.

‘This sign probably did more to annoy the customers than it did to improve how they speak to staff.’

One user agreed, saying: ‘If you serve a rude customer in the morning you served a rude customer. 

‘If you’re serving rude customers a lot your customer service needs work, something in the business you work for is pushing them from annoyed to angry.’

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