Poor road conditions across southern Alberta on last day of 2018
1st January 2019

A sheer blanket of ice coated roadways around southern Alberta on the last day of 2018.

“The conditions out there are terrible,” said Staff Sgt. Glenn Henry with the RCMP.

“We’ve had some snow the last couple of nights [and] before the snow we had some freezing rain, so we’ve got some ice built up under the snow. So we are asking people to slow down.”

Road reports in and around Lethbridge on Monday showed mostly snow-covered highways.

AMA Road Reports, Dec 31, 2018 at 3:00 pm

New Year’s Eve is looking to be a bit of a challenge for drivers, but RCMP said this holiday season has seen few collisions in the Lethbridge area.

“Collisions are based on poor driving habits, or judgments, whether it’s impaired driving, distracted driving, not following safety rules — that type of thing,” Henry added. “We’ve been very fortunate through this holiday season that we haven’t had any tragedies.”

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Multiple crashes block Highway 3 bridge deck in Lethbridge

Road conditions can change quickly so Henry urges drivers to take extra precautions before venturing out.

“If you hit the ditch, make sure you have some safety equipment with you,” Henry said. “Carry a cellphone with you, carry proper winter clothing, be prepared at some point to sit in a ditch if you have to.

“If you are in the ditch, make sure your exhaust isn’t covered up in snow so there isn’t any carbon monoxide issue.”

Henry said officers will be out in full force as the calendar rolls into 2019, but hopes those who don’t need to be on the roads will stay put.

“Is it really worth getting where you have to go, and do you have to get there that fast? Slow down, take your time,” Henry said. “Ring in the new year safe and sound for yourself, your family and friends.”

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