Polish theatre director sacked for installing golden vagina sculpture
26th November 2022

Theatre director is sacked after installing a six-foot high VAGINA in the foyer that shocked Polish politicians

  • Monika Strzępka agreed to exhibit the vagina sculpture to promote feminism
  • The six-foot high golden sculpture was installed in the Dramatic Theatre, Poland
  • But the theatre director was dismissed as officials dubbed the art ‘demeaning’

A theatre director in Poland has been fired after installing a huge statue of a golden vagina in the theatre’s foyer.

Director Monika Strzępka at the Dramatic Theatre in the Polish capital Warsaw said she had agreed to exhibit the metre-high vagina dubbed ‘Lady Moist’ because she wanted to promote feminism.

She added that the statue was ‘an expression of the appreciation for femininity’.

But according to officials the statue created by a self-professed ‘vagina artist’ called Iwona Demko was ‘demeaning’.

The six-foot high golden vagina sculpture called ‘Lady Moist’ was installed in the Dramatic Theatre, Warsaw, Poland

Justifying the dismissal, politician Konstanty Radziwiłł said: ‘It is demeaning for women to reduce femininity to a single, sexual sphere of human life.

‘It is fair to note that the perception of women is similarly distorted by the porn industry.

‘Ignoring the vast wealth of roles in society that a woman can perform, pornography reduces femininity to a purely biological aspect, which boils down to satisfying sexual needs.’

Monika Strzępka (pictured) said she had agreed to exhibit the metre-high vagina dubbed ‘Lady Moist’ because she wanted to promote feminism

Warsaw’s deputy mayor Aldona Machnowska-Góra has now slammed the justification for the dismissal as ‘ridiculous’

Posting on Facebook she said: ‘This is clearly an attempt at censorship of both cultural institutions and artistic activity.’

She added: ‘The whole rationale is ridiculous.’

The vagina statue was installed in August to mark Strzępka’s arrival as director of the theatre.

Vagina artist Demo said at the time: ‘I wanted women to love this part of the body and start thinking positively about it.’

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