Police 'threaten to fine' families buying milk from farm shop and 'tell owner they should buy it from supermarkets
24th January 2021

COPS reportedly threatened customers buying bottles of milk from a farm shop with fines and told a boss that people should purchase the essential item from a supermarket.

Families at the Mynydd Mostyn dairy store in Trelogan, Wales were told last Monday they could be hit with coronavirus fixed penalty notices if they did not leave the site immediately.

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Farmers Einion and Elliw Jones said customers were from local villages and accused cops of being over-zealous during the spot-check.

Elliw told North Wales Live: "We received several complaints from local customers about their treatment."

Five households were at the site and they were all stocking up on essential items, CCTV footage revealed.

Elliw added: "I later contacted the officer who explained people should be buying what they need at their weekly shop in a supermarket or nearest shop.

"He said they should get their milk from there."

Elliw said officers should be working with local businesses instead of driving customers to major supermarket chains.

One customer visited the site to buy milk for her lactose-intolerant child.

A mum-of-three was turned away for buying full fat milk for her son – who needs it as part of his dietary requirements.

She told North Wales Live: "The police said that if I wasn’t out on my daily exercise then I would have to leave or I would receive a £60 fine.

"The most annoying thing is I did actually need the blue milk as my son is disabled.

“He is on a high-calorie diet, so green (semi-skimmed) milk just wouldn’t work for us. I told him the Mostyn shop had no blue milk but he still said I had to leave."

The vending site opened on New Year’s Day at Mynydd Mostyn – a farm on the Mostyn Hall estate at Trelogan, near Holywell.

A shed contains three cashless machines offering bottled milk, milkshakes, coffee and hot chocolate.

A fourth “farm shop” serves products such as cheese and eggs and machines are available 24 hours a day.

Elliw said they often receive visits from police, adding that officers have been helpful as they offered tips on social distancing.

North Wales Police have confirmed milk is an essential item.

A spokesperson said: "We are aware of the farm and that it is working with Flintshire County Council to ensure they are Covid compliant around queuing and social distancing."

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