Police officer sprints to save disorientated blind woman from tram
29th April 2019

Seconds to spare: Police officer sprints across tracks to rescue a disorientated blind woman standing in the way of an oncoming tram

  • The police officer spotted the woman at Villarejo station in Granada, Spain
  • She was using a cane but appeared unable to find her way to the platform
  • The officer sprinted across the tracks and dragged her to the side of the tram
  • She was unharmed and the officer’s actions have been praised 

This is the dramatic moment a heroic police officer sprints across the tracks to save a blind woman who was disorientated and standing in the way as a tram came towards her.

The incident took place with seconds to spare at Villarejo station in the city of Granada in the southern Spanish region of Andalusia.

In the video, a blind woman, who has not been named, can be seen standing in the middle of the tram tracks and appears to be disorientated.

She uses a cane to feel for her whereabouts but appears confused and cannot locate the platform at the edge of the tracks. 

A police officer, who had seen her as he was in his patrol car, then starts running towards her.

Just as the officer reaches the tracks, a tram can be seen makings its way around a corner just a few metres from the blind woman.

The cop manages to reach the woman and leads her off the tracks just before the tram reaches them.

The woman is pulled to the platform with seconds to spare as the tram pulls in to the Granada station

The Spanish National Organisation for the Blind shared the video and thanked the police for their actions.

Local police also shared the video and said: ‘Even though not all heroes wear capes, in this case, the man who runs, wears the uniform of the local police of Granada. 

The video has so far been viewed more than 73,000 times with many praising the incredible actions of the officer.

Local media report the blind woman was not injured in the incident.

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