Police give caregivers of baby vaping a second chance
2nd March 2023

Call for the mum of baby given a vape to inhale to be JAILED as police give the child’s caregivers a second chance: ‘This is child abuse’

  • Footage of baby boy being fed a vape condemned
  • Police visited home where 10-month-old fed device
  •  Calls to jail or charge mother of infant

There are growing calls to jail the caregivers of the 10-month-old baby who was given a vape to suck on, with the act being labelled ‘child abuse’. 

Disturbing footage shows the baby boy coughing and spluttering after inhaling the smoking device that was inserted in his mouth while being cradled, allegedly by his auntie.

Police have now visited a home in Kempsey on the NSW Mid North Coast where the baby incident occurred.

2GB’s Ben Fordham called for the person responsible for feeding the baby the vape to be put in jail.

‘They’ve got to do something here because this is child abuse,’ Fordham said Thursday morning.

‘Whoever is responsible, and anyone who witnessed what happened and didn’t report it should go to jail.

Radio 2GB’s Ben Fordham called for the person responsible for feeding the baby the vape to be put in jail, but police are not expected to take any further action

Fordham said feeding the infant boy a vape was basically ‘child abuse’ and that any adult responsible or who witnessed the action should be behind bars

‘People are laughing, what’s wrong with people, your brains must be fried. You’ve got serious issues and you should be in jail for doing this to an innocent little child.’ 

However, despite the fact NSW Police have investigated, ‘following advice from government agencies, no further police action will be taken’.

The disturbing footage which emerged in multiple videos showing the infant coughing after inhaling the toxic vapour, sparking furious demands online for the child to be removed from the mother.

In one clip, a woman is heard saying, ‘Want to try?’ while holding up the vape before pressing it to the child’s lips and making the boy inhale.

The child is seen squirming as he coughed with a woman looking on giggling at his reaction. 

Multiple videos have surfaced online of a mother forcing her baby to inhale a vape. The mother in the clips is seen laughing as the boy coughs and splutters from the smoke

Daily Mail Australia understands the boy has since been taken to hospital for checks, and a relative told Seven News the child was alright after the incident.

Horrified social media users slammed the child’s mother, one saying  F***ing disgusting behaviour, as a mother myself I don’t know how people can do this to their babies.’

‘That’s so sad,’ another commented, while one person wrote ‘Every baby deserves a parent but not every parent deserves a baby.’

However the boy’s mother hit back at the criticism of her in an extraordinary foul-mouthed Facebook rant. 

‘Every c*** got the hide to sit there and talk about me and my child take a look in yas own backyard,’ the mother wrote.

‘You ain’t perfect either so keep that mouth going you ain’t scary, you’re nothing but bums’. 

The boy’s mother then took to social media to defend her actions saying no one is perfect in a foul-mouthed tirade

The incident comes as the number of poisonings from vapes in children under four rose alarmingly in the last year.

The NSW Poisons Information Centre received 213 calls about exposure to e-cigarettes and liquids in this age bracket in 2022, compared with 127 the previous year.

Symptoms recorded from these calls include nausea, vomiting, coughing fits, an increased heart rate, loss of consciousness, and in some cases, seizures. 

Genevieve Adamo, a senior specialist in poisons information for NSW Poisons Information Centre previously told ABC News a lot of calls were due to toddlers putting the vapes to their mouths out of curiosity, ‘as children do’.

‘They say, “oh the kid has picked it up and put it in their mouth like a dummy”,’ she said.

Last year the National Health and Medical Research Council released a report on e-cigarettes which showed vapes can contain hundreds of dangerous chemicals found in cleaning products, nail polish remover, weed killer and bug spray.

This is found in the vapour, which is made up of various chemicals such as heavy metals – even if it is labelled ‘nicotine free’.

Worry vaping facts 

– Many vapes contain nicotine making them addictive

– Vapes can contain the same harmful chemicals found in cleaning products, nail polish remover, weed killer and bug spray

– Vapes can leave young people at increased risk of depression and anxiety

– The nicotine in one vape can = 50 cigarettes. Depending on the size of the vape and nicotine strength, it can be much higher

– Young people who vape are 3 times as likely to take up smoking cigarettes

– Vape aerosol is not water vapour

– Vaping has been linked to lung disease.

– Vapes can cause long-lasting damaging effects on the brain and physical development.

Source: NSW Government

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