Police demand return of $200K missing after armoured truck spills cash on N.J. highway
23rd December 2018

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — A large chunk of cash is still missing from last week’s armored truck spill on a New Jersey highway, and police are warning people to pony up before they get picked up.

East Rutherford police say anyone turning in money won’t be prosecuted but that anyone seen on surveillance video taking money who doesn’t turn it in could be arrested.

About $188,000 remained unreturned this week.

More than $500,000 in cash spilled from the Brink’s armored truck on Route 3 near MetLIfe Stadium last Thursday. Police said the spill was believed to be due to an issue with a lock on one of the truck’s doors.

The incident caused traffic chaos and two crashes, according to police, as people stopped their vehicles to run onto the roadway to grab the cash.

“People went a little bit crazy when they saw the money,” said Danielle Shah, 29, of Bloomfield, New Jersey, who witnessed the incident from a bus she was riding into New York.

“I mean, it seemed like the people who got out of the car — they just didn’t care. They parked their cars in the middle of the highway.”

Police say more than $200,000 was recovered at the scene, partly due to the help of Good Samaritans who stopped and helped the driver.

More than $100,000 has been returned in the days since then, including one person who bought in about $90,000.

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