Police believe children in Edmonton at risk after 77-year-old violent, sex offender released
3rd January 2019

The release of a 77-year-old convicted sex offender has prompted police to warn Edmontonians about the risk they say he poses to the public, including children.

“Hubert Willie Cardinal, 77, is a convicted violent and sexually violent offender and the Edmonton Police Service has reasonable grounds to believe he will commit another violent offence against someone, including children, while in the community,” police said in a news release Wednesday night.


Edmonton police searching for man wanted for aggravated assault charge

“Cardinal was recently released from the Calgary Correctional Centre and is residing in the Edmonton area,” police said. “The Edmonton Police Service is seeking a recognizance order on Cardinal and he will be monitored by the Behavioural Assessment Unit.

“Cardinal has a history of sexually assaulting known and vulnerable adult females and female children, including family members.”

The risk posed to the public by Cardinal rises when he is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, police said.

They said they considered privacy concerns before issuing the warning but believe the public needs to know he will be living in Edmonton. Police also said the warning is not intended to trigger any type of vigilantism.

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