Plymouth killer Jake Davison called himself the 'Terminator' & fantasised about Ted Bundy before unleashing massacre | The Sun
18th January 2023

A TED Bundy-obsessed gunman who slaughtered five people including a child branded himself "Terminator" before the rampage, an inquest heard.

Jake Davison, 22, shot himself through the chin after first gunning down his mum Maxine, 51, in Plymouth.

He also killed three-year-old Sophie Martyn, her father, Lee, 43, Stephen Washington, 59, and Kate Shepherd, 66.

An inquest heard how Davison spent a lot of time reading and writing about “Incel” culture.

The term refers to "involuntary celibates" with the movement labelled a "hate" group as many followers believe they are owed sex by women.

Incels believe they have no possibility of finding a partner to get love, validation or acceptance from.

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In turn, this makes some Incels want to strike out at the world because they have been rejected by girls, while others blame attractive men for their perceived problems.

The self-confessed black sheep of the family also described himself as "The Terminator" in a slew of "deeply disturbing" posts.

He shared posts referring to “violence, misogynistic views, viewing women with contempt' and "sympathy with Incel culture", the inquest was told.

A month before the rampage, Davison researched the Hungerford Massacre where 16 people were shot dead by Michael Ryan in 1987.

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He also looked up Ted Bundy and Incel serial killers, watched videos on firearms and how to reload them and posted a one minute clip from an online game called KillZone.

Jurors heard Davison branded mum Maxine a "dirty insufferable, a vile creature" who was difficult to live with.

Davison, who had OCD and ADHD, had a "fixation" with firearms, which Maxine raised concerns about.

She told Careers South West he spends "all his time at home, is very isolated and mainly talks to people about guns on the internet."

The portrait comes after footage showed the killer stalking the streets during the bloody attack.

Davison can be seen clutching the legally-held firearm after picking out "wholly innocent" strangers at random.

On August 12, 2021, Davison first shot his mum after a row broke out.

He then killed Lee and Sophie in Biddick Drive, Keyham, before blasting dog walker Stephen.

After killing Kate as she walked in a nearby street, Davison shot himself as armed police were scrambled.

The bloodbath unfolded just weeks after Davison's shotgun and gun licence had been returned by Devon and Cornwall Police.

Officers had removed the weapons in 2020 after the killer assaulted two teenagers in a park.

The inquest continues.

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