Photo Shows Steelers Fan Choking Pregnant Woman In Stands At Sunday’s Game, Police Investigating
5th December 2018

A woman was choked after stepping to break up an argument between fans at the Sunday game.

A shocking incident at Heinz Field during a game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday has been caught on camera and now police are investigating. Footage of the incident shows a Steelers fan with his hands around the neck of a female Chargers fan. The husband of the woman has since confirmed that she is pregnant.

According to WPXI News, Channel 11 caught footage of the horrific incident “as the Chargers pulled off an unprecedented comeback on the Steelers’ home field.” Further footage of the incident was also captured by a freelance photographer, according to the Pittsburgh Current.

Daniel Minshew, the husband of the woman who was choked, has already spoken to police about the incident. According to Channel 11, the Pittsburgh police are investigating the incident and criminal charges may be filed against the errant Steelers fan. As yet, this man has not been identified by police.

CBS Pittsburgh revealed that the choking incident occurred after the 26-year-old woman from San Diego attempted to break up a fight between two Steelers fans. It was then that one of the men grabbed the woman by the throat.

In addition to the police investigating, officials from Heinz Field are also looking into the incident. A spokesperson from Heinz Field has issued the following statement regarding the situation.

“This type of behavior seen in the photo is unacceptable, something we do not condone on our property. We are working with Heinz Field security, as well as local authorities, to gather more information on this particular incident. We will ensure those involved as the aggressors will not be permitted back into our stadium.”

And, this wasn’t the only violent incident that took place during Sunday’s game.

According to another report by WPXI News, a second violent confrontation was also caught on tape and promptly went viral. This confrontation involved two Pittsburgh Steelers fans.

Kate Brendel recorded the event using Facetime after she had noticed the two fans arguing with each other during the course of the game.

“I didn’t expect this,” she revealed.

“It was two Steelers fans. If it was the opposite team, maybe it would’ve been better. Not better, but like more understanding. Two Steelers fans going at it? Like, what?”

Of course, for the woman who was choked by an opposing fan, it was likely anything but better.

While the police have been involved with the incident involving the pregnant woman, it appears there will be no police investigation into the other incident involving the two Steelers fans.

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