Peterborough mother seeks answers after apparent hit-and-run death of son
6th March 2019

A grieving Peterborough mother is looking for answers following the death of her son.

Justen Perritt, 28, was killed while walking on Highway 115 south of the city six weeks ago.

Police say he was hit by two, possibly three, vehicles on the night of Jan. 24.

“Why was he out walking on that highway, I don’t know,” said his 53-year old mother, Brenda Perritt.

“I’m never going to hear his voice or give him a hug ever again.”

Justen Perritt had left Millbrook that night and was walking north on the 115 near County Road 10, presumably back to Peterborough where he was staying with his mom.

It was around 8:20 p.m. when two cars, and perhaps a third, hit him.

The father of two little girls, ages six and three, died at the scene.

Police say they are searching for the third vehicle, a white Toyota Camry, model year 2012-2017, and say the car may have damage to the right front fender.

“These (cases) are typically difficult to investigate, especially when we have a driver who fails to remain at the scene of the collision. Perhaps that person may not even realize that their vehicle may have been hit,” said OPP Sgt. Jason Folz.

“If anybody knows anything about that white car, please come forward so I can put some closure to this because it’s breaking my heart. That was my baby,” Brenda said.

She says Justen was looking forward to going back to work as a roofer in Belleville.

When asked if he was depressed or on any medication, she didn’t hesitate, and answered “no.”

Brenda plans to bury her son’s ashes on April 6, the day he would have turned 29.

“I just miss so much and I love him to death and we’ll meet again, I guess. We’ll meet again someday,” she said, sobbing softly.

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