People think Google maps has captured a 'UFO' in Bermuda
17th August 2023

People think Google maps has captured a ‘UFO’ in Bermuda

  • The floating object was found near the Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Could it even be… a UFO? 

Social media users are claiming that Google Maps has caught an out-of-this-world object on camera.

A TikTok video, coupled with eerily intense music, shows a step-by-step guide to find the mysterious disc, which is captured seemingly floating mid-air.

If you pay closer inspection to the Hamilton Parish next to Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo, you can have a virtual walk around.

There, you can make a right and continue to the ‘Caribbean Exhibit’, and with a look to your left you can see the unidentified object in all it’s glory.

‘That’s crazy’: People were shocked to find what they believed to be a UFO near the Caribbean Exhibit of Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo

‘It’s not ET’: Not everyone was ready to call NASA about the mid-air disc found on Google Maps. Many speculated it was a bird mid-flight

But not everyone is in a hurry to get on the phone to NASA anytime soon, with many seemingly unconvinced by the floating dot. 

One person quipped: ‘You can believe what you want but it’s not ET.’ 

Another chimed in: ‘Well definitely a bird, the blurry spot is because of wings fast motion.’

However others where left stunned, firmly in the belief that the blurry blob could be something out of this world.

A user commented: ‘Yup I found it. That’s crazy. It sat in the middle of open space. I thought it may have been a distorted portion of leaf from foliage but its not.

Another wrote: ‘If they don’t exist according to governments, why do they remove them when pictured by accident.’ 

Most commenters were more shocked about Bermuda being a country than the possible ‘UFO’ sighting. Pictured: A google view image of the island of Bermuda

A commenter added: ‘Nah cause why does it look like the sound barrier is being broken behind it.’ 

Although many were left divided on what exactly the small disk shape was, most in the comment section were left stunned to find out Bermuda was a country.

One user said: ‘In my timeline the Bermuda triangle was a place you get sucked into, now it’s an island.’

Another added: ‘Since when was there an island in the middle of the Bermuda?’ 

Others were just pleased to hear the prospect of a possible free tour of the museum, adding: ‘You’re telling me that I can just Google Maps a Museum tour for free?!’

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