Pensioner staggers in slow motion towards a car in an attempted scam
5th December 2018

Is this the world’s worst actress? Pensioner staggers in slow motion towards a car before leaning on the bonnet in an attempted ‘crash for cash’ scam

  • Woman in China allegedly faked being hit in a bid to con money out of the driver 
  • She pretended to limp and hobble towards the car before it even reached her
  • She then acted as if she was recovering from her injuries, appearing to be in pain
  • Dashcam footage of the incident has become viral and police are investigating 

A trending video from China has captured an elderly woman pretending to be hit by a car in an unconvincing yet hilarious manner.

The dashcam footage, filmed in the city of Yichang in central China’s Hubei Province, shows the pensioner walking into the middle of the road from behind a parked bus after the car made a left turn at a junction.

However, before the driver reaches the woman, she begins faking a limp and appears to pretend to have been struck by his car.

The pensioner walks into the middle of the road from behind a parked bus in Yichang, China

Before the driver reaches the woman, she begins faking a limp and hobbles towards the car

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But the limping woman then hobbles towards the car – which has stopped – places both hands on the bonnet and pretends to recover from her ‘injuries’. 

As she appears to be in pain, a man in the car can be heard saying: ‘What are you doing?’ 

He adds: ‘Why are you resting on my car?’ 

The 30-second-long footage was posted by a popular blogger on China’s Twitter-like Weibo yesterday and quickly became viral. 

The post claimed that the elderly woman regularly carried out fake accident scams in the Jindongshan area of Yichang.  

Yichang traffic police yesterday said they had been made aware of the incident and were looking into the case. 

It is believed the pensioner walked away after her apparent attempt to fake an accident failed. 

She then places both hands on the car’s bonnet as she pretends to recover from her injuries

A man in the car can be heard saying ‘what are you doing’ as the woman appears to be in pain

The ‘crash-for-cash’ plot is known in China as ‘peng ci’ and literally means ‘touching porcelain’. It is a common way for fraudsters to haggle money out of their victims.

As the scammers appear out of nowhere in front of vehicles, drivers usually brake and collide slightly with their victims, who then feign injuries and demand compensation.

In August, a suspected ‘crash for cash’ scammer got hit for real and was left in critical condition after mistiming the stunt in Lincang city, southern China’s Yunnan province. 

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