Paramedic slams driver who left note on ambulance windscreen complaining about it 'blocking residents' parking'
8th April 2022

A PARAMEDIC has lashed out after discovering a vile note was left on their ambulance windscreen as they attended an emergency.

The life-saving medic had parked the ambulance in a "mostly empty" carpark as they rushed to a home in Southampton where a patient was struggling to breathe.

But due to the size of vehicle, the ambulance was forced to take up two of the dozens of empty spaces in the car park.

Once the patient had been treated and stabilised, the ambulance crew returned to their vehicle.

But to their horror they found a handwritten note which they described as "worse than keyboard warriors".

The fuming person behind the scrawl spouted a volley of bile at the crew – claiming the ambulance had "blocked the whole car park".


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The nasty note read: “You wouldn’t appreciate being blocked in so please think about blocking residents’ parking spaces.

“There is a perfectly accessible pavement to the road out front. 

“Failing that, actually park in a space not blocking the whole car park.”

The crew slammed the note for being reminiscent of online trolls.

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They also asked members of the public to consider how they would feel if it was their loved one who needed life-saving care. 

They said: "Emergency workers do not have the luxury of spending wasteful minutes positioning their vehicles when dealing with genuine emergency calls."

The Sun Online have approach South Central Ambulance Service for comment.

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