Oland to resume testimony in trial for death of multimillionaire father
8th March 2019

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Dennis Oland will be back on the stand today in what is expected to be his final day testifying about the death of his multimillionaire father.

Crown prosecutors will question Oland about his last visit to Richard Oland on July 6, 2011, the day the elder Oland was bludgeoned to death in his office.

The prosecution has suggested Dennis Oland killed his father in a fit of rage triggered by financial pressure.

He acknowledged he was carrying a heavy debt load, but calmly insisted in testimony that it was not a big concern.

Dennis Oland was charged with second-degree murder in 2013, but has said repeatedly he did not kill his father.

He was convicted in a jury trial in 2015, with that verdict set aside on appeal and the new trial ordered.

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