Now humiliated Putin is running out of MISSILES in desperate bid to defeat Ukraine, UK armed forces chief tells TalkTV
5th May 2022

THE head of Britain's Armed Forces has said that a humiliated Vladimir Putin is running out of missiles trying to defeat Ukraine.

Admiral Sir Tony Radakin claimed that the Russian president could be running low on armaments due to firing more than expected on the brave Ukrainians.

He also claimed that Russia have now lost 25 per cent of all its forces in Ukraine and are "struggling" to get any momentum in the Donbas region.

It comes after reports that senior figures in the Russian army and security services have become increasingly frustrated with the sickly tyrant's handling of the deadly war.

Sir Tony believes that Putin underestimated Ukraine before he ordered the initial Russian offensive.

He said to TalkTV: "He potentially has a problem, because the rate of expenditure and the toughness of the fight is totally different to the one that he perceived on the 24th of February. 

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“I think there are several wars going on. There's a tactical, geographical war going on in Ukraine. There's a logistics war going on, in terms of how do you maintain that rate of expenditure.

“We're talking severe impact on their armed forces. We’ve had 25% of their forces effectively being taken out – either through people being killed, or through the damage to their battalion tactical groups.” 

And after the Russian invasion has stalled in recent weeks, Sir Tony argued that Putin is under "incredible pressure" to pull off a victory in the Donbas region.

He said: “I think what we're now seeing is incredible pressure – political pressure and military pressure – for a victory.

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"And I think we've got to wait and see whether or not doing that in such a rushed manner against a Ukrainian armed forces that are fighting for their country."

"And that should give all of us encouragement about how this is going to be a tough fight. This is going to be a hard slog.

“You're seeing the tactical fight, where he's trying to rush to a tactical victory, and then he'll push that with his own people”.

The Admiral went on to give his assessment on some home issues, claiming that the "impact of inflation" may lead to fresh defence cuts.

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He said that this was troublesome at a time when there "might be" a need to increase defence spending.

Sir Tony said: " That's a conversation that we need to have in a much bigger way. A taking stock of what is the impact of this? What is the impact of Russia's aggression?"

"And then if you ask me as a selfish military officer, could we provide more to the nation in terms of its security with additional spending? Then of course, that's something that I would welcome.”

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